The Van den Top Family

The Van Den Top family moved here last year after Serena was held at knife point during a house robbery. Lucca and Serena have raised their children being open to different cultures. The van den Top children can speak many languages and know all about their ancestors. Before moving here the van den Top's lived in mny different placed such as Austrila, Spain, Germany, France, Fiji and Italy, so there is a mixture of accents in their voice. The van den Top's come from money and lots of it. All their ancestors have been influential members of society, so everyone knows the van den Tops, but Serena is also known for her influance in the fashion world as well, she is one of the top designers in the world not to mention an ex-supermodel.Isabelle is currently following in her mothers footsteps and is now full time Victoria's Secret's Angel, and just like her mother Isabelle is a big influance on the fashion world.

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