~Animal Kingdom, Tin Man {love this song! Go check it out because it's not on the Amazon thingy.}


This is sort-of an oldish draft except I added the outfit and the Alexa and Eddie pictures today. And that quote in the lower bottom left I've used in a set already... And it bugs me, but it's a good quote so I'm leaving it there...

WELL first day of the new semester today. I had two classes and get out at 12:50 :) I have Humanities and History since the Civil War Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays and then tomorrow and Thursdays I have Psychology, Philosophy, and Astronomy. Not to mention my sorority weekly meetings every Monday night. So I won't be on as much, like I wasn't first semester. Sorry :/

Anyway I finished Divergent on Saturday night and since I have too many feels I can't really even explain how much I love it and why it's so awesome and just gah it's my favorite now like I like it better than The Hunger Games it's crazy. So go read it if you haven't. If you have read it, PM me and we can talk. That is, when I get back to the stage of fangirling that makes me explode with wanting to discuss. Right now I'm in the stage of just like... I don't even know. But I can't wait to start Insurgent tomorrow!! I was giving myself a couple days to calm down... Didn't really help... #feels #Four #ohgosh

In other news, the Golden Globes were good but I barely saw any dresses I liked... Ugh, not a very stylish night... 

Okay before I sign off, I posted the background info collection for my new story (which I'll be making sets every time I post a new chapter on Figment for like I did for MTW) called Depth. Check it out and let me know what you think and if you'd like to be tagged when I start posting sets/chapters! I'd really appreciate it! :)) http://www.polyvore.com/depth/collection?id=2201272

And I very much appreciate that picture of the Harries twins. Why are they so perfect. Just why. And that's one of my favorite pictures of Hayley! <3

#FourTris4Ever #yep #feelsarestillthere
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