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Jumping on the bandwagon with the current ‘official poly song’ even though I kinda actually prefer the version in the video.

Verity Jones; May 12
Collab with @chrissykinz

Mother’s day was meant to be spent relaxing with your mother, not walking kilometres in the hot sun. Yet that’s what I was doing today since my mum was off in Queensland visiting her mum.

“You going to be okay?” Hunter asked as he dropped me off where I was meant to be meeting up with Leigh.

“It’s walking not brain surgery.” I deadpanned as I undid my seatbelt and climbed out of the car.

“Alright. Well stay safe. Use suncream.” He advised like I hadn’t already slathered my pale ass, glow in the dark, skin with suncream.

“Say hello to your mum for me.” I leant down to kiss him on the cheek

“You only like me for my mum.” Hunter said with a completely straight face. Good poker face that guy had there.

“Sally is a pretty great woman.” I shrugged in agreement before slamming the door shut, “Now shoo. I see Leigh.” I turned my back on the car and made my way through the sea of pink clad people towards Leigh.

“Morning.” I called with a small smile, I hadn’t really had a chance to catch up with her yet since being back.

“Hi.” I got back in response, “Could you be anymore dedicated to the cause?” She asked me, looking me up and down with a small smile. 

“Red hair. Pink clothes. Bad combination unless you’re Emma Stone.” I shrugged, assuming she was referring to the fact there was next to no pink in my outfit. Just my sunnies. Still it was the thought that counted right? And anyway my pullover thing was sort of pink. Maybe.

"Aww i am sure you could rock that look Verity." Leigh retorted with a cheeky wink. She was wrong pink wasn’t my colour, when it was in my hair or on my body.

I sighed, and responded jokingly instead of telling her that “Maybe. Probably but that would be unfair to everyone else." 

"Well when you put it that way." She titled her head to the side, before changing the subject. "So are you sure you want to do this? If not there are several shops around." 

I really didn’t want to do this but I was going to so I scoffed "I did not spend most of morning painting my skin with sunscreen to go shopping." 

"Ahh that is what the smell is.” She said teasingly, which wasn’t fair because it wasn’t my fault. 

 “Oh shut up some of us don't tan we burn." I retorted with a glare. It was a sad fact of life

“Well from the smell of it you’ll never have to wear sunscreen again.” She suggested with a shrug as we started walking…somewhere. I didn’t know where we were headed so I sure hoped Leigh did.

“I should invent some sunscreen that doesn’t smell. Or at least smells better than this.” I sighed wistfully, if only I was a chemist or something smart, “I’d be a millionaire.”

“Verity,” Leigh looked over at me like I was daft or something, “That’s something that already exists.”

“Let me tell you, as someone who has tried every sunscreen known to man it actually doesn’t.” I told her matter of factly. It was true, not matter in how many different ways brands tried to tell you it was scent free every sunscreen smelt like oily yuck.

"I'll have to take your word for it." And so she should.

"So why did you decide to do this?" I asked. I’d agreed because I had no other offers for Mothers day, surprisingly enough, but I hadn’t actually asked before and I was curious "I mean i know it's a good cause but.." 

"I am not big on spending time with my family. I called my mum and you know said happy mothers day." She shrugged

“So you decided instead of torturing yourself with your parents you’d torture yourself with, exercise.” I said before realising that wasn’t the most tactful thing. I blamed the fact I hadn’t slept a wink last night.

Leigh gave me a look I couldn’t quite decipher, “No one forced you into this.”

“I’m not complaining,” I defended myself with a pout, “I’m just…” I trailed off looking for a word.

“Complaining?” She asked dryly. Which I wasn’t!

"No." I shot a playful glare in her general direction. "I am just pointing something out."

 "Right , well walking isn't that hard is it?" She asked. Walking was fine, but not when you melted in the process.

 "No but you could have done other things." I pointed out "I could list them out for you if you want." She said with a cheeky smile. 

"No thank you."

“Are you sure?” I asked teasingly, “Because I have this whole list prepared for you and everything.”

“Do you have a life?” She asked me completely deadpan, “Are you one of those lame people who prepare their combacks in advance.”

“No on both counts.” I sniffed primly in indignation, “If I had a life I wouldn’t be here.”

“I don’t know why but I’m getting a feeling that maybe this isn’t in your list of places you want to be right now.” Leigh said dryly, as we were wandering around still. Did either of us actually know where we were going.

“I don’t know what gave you that idea.” I shrugged haughtily, “But do you actually know where we’re meant to be going or are we walking round in circles.”

"Just follow the footpath and eventually we will find more people wearing pink or not wearing pink.” She shrugged, sounding like she hadn’t given it much thought. That was reassuring "And then we will just follow them." 

"Well that sounds like horrible idea but lets go with it." I said because sadly I had no better ideas

 "So are you happy to be back? " She asked, by passing my snark completely. 

 "Mostly. Yeah." I shrugged in response, though at least it wasn’t 100 degrees in London "I wasn't actually gone that long." I pointed out

“Yes you were. It was like 500 years.” Leigh was totally exaggerating. 

“It was 37 days.” I corrected her with an eye roll at her dramatics, “Just because you’re all so quick to forget me.”

“We could never forget you.” She cooed. Which was a bit condescending considering I was older than her, “but how do you know it was 37 days?” She asked, narrowing her eyes, “Bit sad isn’t it?”

“It’s incredibly sad.” I nodded in agreement because Hunter was a sad person, “Hunter keeps reminding me. We really need to go shopping since we were away 37 days, do you think any of our plants are still alive after 37 days.” I lowered my voice to mock him, “It’s like her forgot I was there with him and is bragging or something.”

Leigh laughed a little shaking her head "So he forgot about you for 37 days. That's nice of him." Sarcasm was dripping from her words "How could anyone forget about you?" 

 "Hunter is weird. We all know that." I shrugged. I’d been reliably informed I was one of a kind and highly unforgettable.

"True." She agreed sort of ending that trail of conversation.

“Hmm,” I hummed in agreement not sure what to say in response to that, so I did what I do best, changed the subject, “Are you sure we’re in the right place Leigh?” I asked

“Yes.” She nodded defiantly, eyes scanning the crowd, “Look.” She cried, pointing in the direction of a mass of pink, “It’s our people.”

“Finally. I was getting ready to leave.” I said cheekily as we made our way to the swarms of ‘Leigh’s people’ which was weird.

“How? I’m your ride home remember.” Leigh asked with a roll of her eyes.

“Hunter would pick me up,” I laughed, before retorting teasingly “he owes me. He forgot me for 37 days. Remember.”

"He could always make it 38." She said which was rude. He would never here the end of it. "You never know."

 "He wouldn't." I said confidently "If he did he wouldn't have anyone." That boy was a weirdly untrusting one.

"Ahh good point. He would have no one to show off to then." She nodded sagely.

“More importantly he’d have no one to make sure he remembered things.” I pointed out. I practically managed his schedule and made sure he got places on time. He should pay me, or Nick should.

“You mean you’re not the scatty one in the relationship?” She asked, covering her mouth with an exaggerated gasp.

“Oh shut up,” I rolled my eyes, yet again, “Your people are calling.”

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Soooo fantastic sweetie, love it all♥

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Loved! :) (I agree on the hash tag thing, too. xD)


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