"“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” " - Socrates

Among all the things, family and friends I've lost in this journey of betrayals, one thing I mourn the most is losing myself. In the process of all those lies and deceit, hatred stealing, backstabbing and abuse I suffered, I've lost the best part of me as it was my weakness and I wanted it out of my personality. I've lost my innocence, my being naive towards people and things and together with that I've lost a part of me, the softest and kindest part went away with it. 

We often hear in movies when the lead character is being encouraged to never let the bad things that happen change her, but truly that is the hardest thing to do. I once felt vindictive about every wrong thing that was done to me and for all those times my mind and my life were preoccupied by my anger and my need for justice, my thirst for revenge and all those times as well I have lost so much and gained nothing but heartache. 

Today I live with no hatred. I don't laugh when I hear something bad happen to the people who destroyed me or took part in doing it. I don't pray and ask God to punish them for the wicked things they've done. I try not to think about them at all and I can say that is where I began to rise. 

When you have so many negative things to think about, so many plans to get equal with your oppressors, there is no time left to think about yourself and how you can stand up again rather all your time and energy is being eaten by the negativity and it leaves you more powerless. The secret is not to waste your time plotting against your enemies or dwell on the damages they did to you but on standing up and taking control of your life again. The best revenge as they say, is moving on, having a great life and in that I believe.

Now I can tell them despite the permanent damages that they inflicted, they might have succeeded in ruining my past but I am in the present and my present is out of their reach. As for them what's waiting is either a vacation in jail or judgement in God's righteous hands.

Goodbye abusers!!! :P

This set is something I've created more or less a month ago but I haven't published it yet cause I am still creating an essay that would go with it I was so inspired to create this look thanks to the #polyvorecommunity for their inspiring sets and to Burburry for their blood colored collection, I was inspired to create this monochrome set (though I never imagined on creating one because I thought it was boring, but it turns out it's not). 

I guess I am still learning a lot thanks:
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial

for my friends @jellisa @r-osey-dreams @arabicacup

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