obviously had to join this rp and go with harvard for reasons (representin` HMS <3)

•Name: Vivienne Blakely
•Age: 21
•Hometown: Southampton, New York
•University: Harvard University
(Major: Pre-Med, Secondary Concentration in Biochemistry)

•Likes: Jane Austen novels, gardens, plaid garments, the Upper East Side, pearls, charity galas, dressing up, cosmopolitans, the workings of the human body, burgundy red lipstick, her father, the occasional shot of Gran Patrón Platinum, Tiffany & Co., James Bond films, Harvard football games, medicine and the field of oncology, clay pigeon shooting, downtown Boston (because it's the best), her ΚΑΘ sisters, fast sports cars (we're talking at least V12 engines or higher), biochemistry, New England (except for The Hamptons--it is her home after all), those fleeting bits of normalcy, Newbury St., watching the regattas, & warm fuzzy sweaters

•Dislikes: The media, no privacy, Downtown Manhattan, the rats who sold out her father, visiting her father in prison, the logistics & details of the Affordable Care Act, drama (although let's be real: she craves it), rush hour on the Red Line, Manhattans and just whiskey in general, tourists (in both Boston & The Hamptons), the fight for legalization of marijuana, the Financial District, WebMD, "herbal" remedies, her recent restrictions on shopping & spending money, & the fact that the Blakely name is forever tarnished thanks to a few rats.

•Bio: If the name Donald Blakely sounds familiar, it's probably because his name has been tossed around every news outlet for the past month and a half after for his elaborate Ponzi scheme of embezzling more than $14 billion dollars from top investors and fellow Wall St. stock brokers. Of course he landed himself in prison for life. And Vivienne's relation to him? That would be his only daughter (along with her older brother Ryan...but no body talks about him anyways...poor innocent Ryan). Vivienne, of course, is trying to keep a low profile these days; forgoing her Park Avenue shopping sprees and UES charity galas and even some jet-setting adventures in exchange for a little bit more down-time in her home at The Hamptons, during the wake of such a scandal. But Miss Blakely isn't just sitting idly as she waits for things to blow over. No, Vivienne is quietly but calculatingly plotting revenge against those who sold her father out for his scheme, starting with family friends of the Blakely's. While she knows what her father did was wrong, she'll stand by her family 100% and protect them, even if that means getting her own hands a bit dirty. But if there's three things Vivienne is, it's acting deceptively kind, being notoriously smart, and becoming consumed with revenge. Sure, she's involved in extracurriculars and a sorority (ΚΑΘ), a few tutoring groups, and a volunteer out-reach program or two, but her goal is to make as many affluent friends as possible this coming year as a junior Pre-Med major at Harvard in hopes of finalizing her revenge (she does have a very deep, convoluted plan, anyways--one she will not reveal to anyone). And as the old adage goes, keep your friends close but your enemies closer...but don't get too caught up in it all, even to the point of forgetting what truly matters: her education and dream of eventually succeeding as a doctor of oncology.

•Character Study: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3223178

•Model: Andreaa Diaconu
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Wrote three years ago
@cest-zara & @lexi-is-swag; hopefully done! :]


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