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I walked the dorm room to see the mess it truly was. There were ballet shoes on the floor sheet music everywhere and the smell of skittles in the air.
I nudged Gretchen from her slumber and she groaned at me. Dancers I thought with a laugh. I poked her again and she opened one eye.
“What?” she said groggily
Gretch I told you my sister was coming and today is the day. She’ll be here in 3 hours
She slowly got up and smiled at me.”Well we have to clean this place up don’t we Canada?”
I sighed hating that nickname but loving my roommate had thought to give me one. For an hour straight we cleaned the little dorm room and then I had to go get my little sister. She was 2 years younger than I was and had no desire to come to Julliard however she wanted to get away for a few days, Especially from our parents. My dad was very strict on us. I had to promise to look out for her when she was here. 

“Zooey!!!” I squealed as I saw my sister first. She was dressed in a yellow sundress similar to my own. No we did not plan it that way.
“Veronica!!” she squealed back hugging me then pulling away seeing Gretchen.
“So you must be little Canada!” Gretchen said smiling hugging her instantly.
We all got in the car to drive back to campus when I saw a boy from my art history class. He was also picking up someone. By the looks of the blonde coming off the plane it wasn’t his sister either. I barely knew this boy but I felt a singe of jealousy flow through my body for a split second. 
When we got back we watched “A walk to remember” and snacked on popcorn all night. I hadn’t noticed it before now but I missed my sister and yet I knew I was growing up.
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