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    Verpan - Panto Pop Chair
    The Panto Pop chair is the Pop Art vitalized in a chair, as the name already reveals. Verner Panton designed the piece of furniture in a graphic and abstract design which includes practical advantages. Verner Panton created a chair that perfectly suited the time in 1969: The chair was functional, playful and a little provocative for furniture traditionalists. The clear design is still current today, since it proves, that good design doesn’t know époques. According to Verner Panton’s philosophy, the Panto Pop is a stool and a chair at the same time, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is a design object and a functional piece of furniture. The Panto Pop is stackable and it has a water drain system inside of the robust and UV-resistant ASA plastic corpus, in order to be used in the garden, on the terrace and the balcony without any problems. Each Verpan product is delivered with an authenticity certificate. This one grants the originality of the product, which is still manufactured according to the strict quality demands of Verner Panton at Verpan.
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