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My 25 facts:
1- I have one older brother and he is my best friend.
2- I love fantasy, horror and science fictions books, movies and series.
3- My latest favorite TV show is New Girl.
4- My first job was as a chess teacher.
5- I love Peanuts (the cartoon series), I'm big fan of Snoopy and the whole gang :)
6- Extreme heat makes me angry unless I'm on the beach.
7- The only fruit I don't like is pineapple.
8- I change my hair color probably twice or three times a year. The same goes for my haircut... I get bored easily.
9- I love nail art, I feel my hands naked when my nails are not properly painted.
10- I have a strange phobia... too many eyes together... it's weird I know, but since I love fantasy, horror and science fiction it can become a bit of a problem.... 
11- Instead of buying clothes first and accessories for them later, I do it the other way around... haha. Right now I have a pair of coral pointed pumps and without clothes to match. So next time I go shopping I'll buy clothes for the shoes, lol
12- I'm a short girl.
13- You're still reading? yay!!! :D I love Halloween!
14- I daydream a lot.
15- I write poetry sometimes.
16- I want to learn a 4th language.
17- I want to learn professional photography techniques.
18- I like to cook even when I don't do it so often, my mom is an excellent cooker.
19- My 6-year-old niece is the prettiest and funniest person I've ever known.
20- My favorite dessert is ice-cream, in Mexico we called it "nieve" when it's made of water and fruit and "helado" when it's made of milk, cream or yogurt and fruit.
21- Right now I'm an English, Literature and Spanish teacher.
22- I always use cream on my body, I have very dry and sensitive skin.
23- I don't like bugs.
24- I want to have a husky or dalmatian when I have my own house.
25- I love rock and indie music.

Thanks for reading this!!! :)
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