A Very Supernatural Challenge

A Very Supernatural Challenge
Moderated by mhc9210.
You can add ANY Supernatural related set. But if you want there's also a challenge.
Well this is a group to keep up with the SPN challenge I created to fit my personal taste.
Go here for the first official challenge: http://www.polyvore.com/supernatural_30_theme_challenge/group.show?id=107086
But if you do want to take a stab at it here are the themes.
2. Sam
3. Cas
4. Bobby
5. John
6. Mary
7. Ruby
8. Impala
9. Azazel
10. Michael and Lucifer
11. Ellen
12. Ash
13. Chuck
14. Lilith
15. Favorite Female
16. 4 horsemen (All or just one)
17. Favorite thing hunted
18. Favorite Demon
19. Favorite Angel
20. Both Sam and Dean
21. Carry on Wayward Son
22. Favorite Song Featured
23. Favorite Season
24. Favorite Hunter
25. Favorite Episode
26. If you were a Hunter
27. Favorite Character
28. Favorite Couple
29. Adam (I was supposed to add him earlier but accidentally skipped him. Oh well he's here now.)
30. Anything Supernatural Related
Possible Add-ons/extras
- favorite quote
- Pilot episode
- 7 deadly sins
- Gabriel
- The death that most affected you
- favorite season finale
* If you don't like a person suggested replace it with someone you like or an extra. Ex: "I don't like/connect with Adam." Well pick a different relative of Sam and Dean, like Grandpa Campbell. Just note that you replaced it.
If you have suggestions for more please tell me!
Mine so far: http://www.polyvore.com/supernatural_challenge/collection?id=842973
greeneyeddemon http://www.polyvore.com/supernatural_challenge/collection?id=1057923
phreak http://www.polyvore.com/supernatural_challenge/collection?id=1056807
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