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After a tiring day of shopping we made our way back to the apartment. My bags were full of summery clothes and bikinis from forever 21, american apparel, and so many more random boutiques and high street shops. I still couldn't believe I came across a gorgeous pineapple mini dress for $12. Maggie was jealous I got the last one! But oh well, a tribal skirt took its place. 
"So, we'll be going our separate ways now, I guess" jack said, disappointment hinting in his eyes. 
"Yeah, bye, babe." I lean up and kiss him softly. Finn laughs and rolls his eyes. He squeezes maggie, then whispers something in her ear. Emotions rush over her face, but I can't put my finger on what emotions exactly. I don't put much thought in it and wave bye to the boys. 
The keys twist in the door and it swings open. Rolo, my poodle, is waiting for me and when I get in he dashes up to me and I hug him. Maggie is still looking a bit off, almost flustered. She gives me a brief smile and slips off into her room with no further word. I instantly can reel something is going on. With that in mind, I make sure she is not looking and peek into her white bag. My eyes widen at a small black box. 'Maggie, will you be my love, forever and always?' The note on top says. I barley need to open it to know what's inside, but never the less, when I open it and see a big shining diamond ring inside, I am speechless. 
The floor creeks behind me and I see maggie watching me with concern. 
"He... He proposed?" I stammer.
"I- I- was- will-" maggie starts, " I was going to tell you".


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