I praded around the streets in my modest outfit, wishing I'd brought out the fierce as a single lady. I saw Chad talking with the other guyss, he started looking at me and i looked away. I grabbed this adorable striped vespa, but stupidly enough could not figure out the helmet. as i tried and tried two muscular arms pulled the helmet away, chad? "here, i think its supposed togo this way, the non-backwrds way." i chuckled, that was not chad. i think he name was "im michaael, we havnt officially met, ive seen you around school, and just well, wow!" i blushed, i heard he was a player so i resisted. "i'm," he cut me off. "lily, lily thompson, he kissed my hand." "okay, how bout you hop on hte vespa, cant get it to work, then i hop on save the day, we have an amazing ride in the city, and stop off at a romantic cafe for dinner?" "but isnt this a little girly fo you desperato?" i teased. "i see a little blue and black, i think i'll survive." "well, then im just gonna have to." we hopped on and sped off before he group. i couldnt even imagine poor chad now but, i needed something to spice up my life, and well i just had o give it a try. the day was muy perfecto!
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