Victoire Weasley

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  • Sasha Pieterse
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    "Name: Victoire Weasley" — @aksmasads
    View photos of Sasha Pieterse on IMDb!
  • rie's wand
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    "Wand: 11 inches
    Veela hair" — @aksmasads
  • Ravenclaw
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    "House: Ravenclaw.
    She is on her last year at hogwarts." — @aksmasads
  • Justin Beiber Icons USE!
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    "Her younger brother is Louis Weasley. He is constantly pulling pranks on Victorie, Dominique, and their cousins." — @aksmasads
  • Bird Nest Photo - Spring Plum Blossoms with Nest, Pink Romantic Home Decor, Wall Art
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    "She was born on June 1st." — @aksmasads
    Blossoms and Nest Fine Art Photograph 8" x 12" TITLE: Nesting Season Clouds of Blireiana plum tree blossoms envelope a tiny bird nest. Taken in my garden at Hillhaven in spring. This listing is for an 8" x 12" borderless, fine art print, printed on beautiful Fuji Crystal Archive premium archival quality paper. It will be hand-signed by me and very carefully packaged for safe shipment. Any watermark will not be in final print. See Shop Policies for other sizes and notecards available. ::Copyright Notice: All images shown in this shop are copyrighted under US and International copyright law to Georgianna Lane and may not be used without express permission.::
  • KRW Colorful Hummingbird Pin Photo Cutout
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    "Her patronus is a hummingbird." — @aksmasads
    Completely customizable KRW Colorful Hummingbird Pin Photo Cutout created by KRWDesigns. Order this design as a magnet, ornament, pin, keychain or as a standing photosculpture.
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    "She has a cat named Aqua, after her bright blue eyes." — @aksmasads
    Cute Kittens And Puppies Wallpaper - , Cute Kittens And Puppies Wallpaper: cute puppies and kittens cachedcute high point. entertainment art and fashion cute puppies kittens wallpaper. cute and beautiful cats dogs wallpapers ph. kittens and puppies together wallpaper. puppies kittens cute 1024x768px wallpapers animated. kitten and puppy picture kittens fighting cute. cute puppies and kittens wallpaper. cute dogs and puppies wallpaper. download puppies wallpaper and kitten love women gallery. graceful puppies and kittens kissing great. page 1.
  • Doutzen Kroes Repeat Cashmere A/W '11 Campaign
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    "Her best friend is definatly Lucy, her cousin. The two constantly goof off together." — @aksmasads
    Fashion pictures or video of Doutzen Kroes: Repeat Cashmere A/W '11 Campaign; in the fashion photography channel 'Catwalks'.
  • THE HUNGER GAMES Movie Images Featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson
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    "James Potter is one of her best friends." — @aksmasads
    THE HUNGER GAMES Movie Images. Directed by Gary Ross, The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, and Lenny Kravitz.
  • Beautiful quotes and picturesclipped by cookie4life
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    "Victorie is Madly in love with Teddy Lupin, and hopes that they have a good future." — @aksmasads
  • Harry Potter Quidditch
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    "she is the captain of the ravenclaw quidditch team. (The only girl captain)." — @aksmasads
  • Piano Keys Sid Dickens
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    "She loves to play the piano." — @aksmasads
    Offering a refined selection of handmade decorative tiles with online shopping. Decorative plaques, memory blocks, art tiles, perfect for home and commercial interiors.
  • VSG s.r.o. "Czech Puppets" :: Original marionettes :: Pinocchio, marionette
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    "Puppets freak her out. She thinks that they'll come alive at night and kill her." — @aksmasads
    The puppet is of hand-made. This is original Czech marionette. Marionette-skeleton is made of wood. The head and hands is made unique plaster like compound. Height is 13" /33 cm. /. puppets for sale, marionette, marionettes, czech marionettes, czech marionette, antique marionette, antique marionettes, prague marionette, wood marionettes, wood puppets, prague marionettes, marionette puppet, string puppets, string marionettes, hand pup Czech hand puppets, marionettes and dolls for sale....
  • Andrew Martin Library Wallpaper
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    "She loves muggle books. She finds their lack of knowledge charming." — @aksmasads
    This stunning and elegant wallpaper from Andrew Martin not only enriches the home, it also defines the room it graces the walls in. Produced from a striking library photo mural design with hand painted effect, the Andrew Martin Library Wallpaper offers the artistic impression of bookcases and looks fantastic in lounge or study as a feature wall. The wallpaper is available in four different shades and is sold as a 2 x 10m pack with each roll having its own different design to offer a unique look to the room.
  • Leather Journal - Hand Painted - Art Journal with Vintage Style Old Paper - Leonardo Da Vinci Horse Sketch
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    "She keeps an old journal filled with stories she wrote." — @aksmasads
    I am simply in love with the beautiful mind and artistic soul of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. This journal is inspired by one of his sketches, and I hand painted the leather in detail. No tools were used, it is a drawing made in the traditional way, line by line. For this journal, I chose a lovely leather that has a beautiful patina and a nice texture. The paper is hand torn so it has beautiful raw edges and each page was individually stained to give it a weathered look. The journal is sewn in traditional longstitch technique and it closes with a leather ribbon that wraps around it. Size: 5.5x7 in (14x18 cm) This one is filled with 168 thick pages (170 gsm thickness) on which you can write, draw, glue pictures, be as creative as you want. ~~~ Part of my earnings will be donated to World Food Programme, by purchasing this journal you will help providing the food for one day for a mother and her child in Africa. ~~~
  • Sweetie Pie Cupcake Huge Bath Fizzy with Sweet Almond Oil and European Spa Salt
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    "Victorie loves cooking and eating cupcakes." — @aksmasads
    This giant cupcake bath fizzy is hardcore girly! With a sweet, feminine fragrance, this fizzy is packed with European spa salts and sweet almond oil to soften and moisturize. Break into four or more pieces and use just a little at a time. Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, European spa salts, corn starch, meringue powder, witch hazel, phenonip, fragrance, food grade color. Place this in your cart now to enjoy a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home! Sweet almond oil may make your tub slippery - watch your step! To view other fine bath and body products like the cube fizzies in the last picture above, visit my shop,
  • Beach print coastal decor ocean photography beach house decor aqua blue beige wall art
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    "In her free time, she scours the beach for lost things." — @aksmasads
    Beach print coastal decor beach photography ocean photography aqua beige wall art. Fine Art Photo by
  • Lipsy Gothic Charm Bracelet
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    "Teddy got her a charm bracelet before her last year started." — @aksmasads
    Stunning chain bracelet featuring Lipsy charms and tassle.
  • Botanical Photograph Pink Gray -Flower Dreamy Garden Nature Floral Minimalist
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    "She loves wildflowers." — @aksmasads
    Delicate pink prairie flower seed stalks accent a dreamy gray and white winter landscape in this minimalist fine art nature photograph. ~COLORS: PINK, WHITE, GRAY, BLACK ~MEDIUM: Archival inks printed on Velvet Fine Art paper, an archival (acid-free) 100% cotton ragg paper. Matte finish. Print signed. ~SIZE: 11" x 14" photographic print with a white border for easy framing. ♥ Love a smaller size? Please contact me or... CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER HERE:
  • best friends on the swing pictures
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    "Victorie is extremly close to Dominique. She feels like Mini is the only person she can fully be herself with." — @aksmasads
  • weird fish
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    "She is never afraid or embarrased of her friends, and would never replace them." — @aksmasads
  • The fabulous world of Faberge
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    "Her favorite thing that she found was a small trinket box with swans on it." — @aksmasads
    I fell in love the first time I saw one of these eggs. What craftsmanship!
  • weird fish
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    "Scrap booking is one of her passions." — @aksmasads
  • girls study space with fuzzy chair
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    "Her desk area is a bit messy." — @aksmasads
    15 Study Space Design Idea for Teens : girls study space with fuzzy chair. . study room design,teen study space idea
  • Jayson Home Antique Ledger Book - Large
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    "Her favorite class; Muggle studies. It horrified her to know what the death eaters did to the first teacher." — @aksmasads
    12.5"W x 4.25"D x 16"H. B.arnaud. Cloth bound. Brass details. Late 19th century. Lyon & paris. Each is unique.
  • 824-polka-dot-themed-girls-room-1024x768.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024×768 pixels) - Scaled (83%)
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    "Her room in the shell cottage is small, but cozy." — @aksmasads
  • weird fish
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    "She is sloppy, and horrible at women's work." — @aksmasads
  • TEA ♥ TIME
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    "Her favorite possesion is her grandmother's teacup." — @aksmasads
  • The Pensieve
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    "She has fish, and uses them for decoration in her room." — @aksmasads
    I’m a 15 year old British girl and I suck at introducing myself, so this will have to do.
  • weird fish
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    "Victorie is an incredibly weird person, and proud of the fact." — @aksmasads
  • Hair&Makeup
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    "She likes to wear her hair in odd styles and see which ones work." — @aksmasads
    Braided bun!
  • Shell Cottage
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    "Victorie loves their little beach home." — @aksmasads
    [Source] Shell Cottage is the home of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour, after their marriage in...
  • Minkpink True Romance Dress
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    Adjustable shoulder straps and lace detail to the front. Elastic back and decorative button detail to the front. Made of 100% Polyester. Modellen är 175 cm lång och bär storlek X-Small. Artnr: 781052-0646, Färg: Blommig.
  • Vero Moda Blazer Charlotte White
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Off-white blazer in cropped and minimalistic, collar less design with single hook closure. At the front there are two imitation mesh pockets. Style tip: wear it with a printed dress en brown accents. 100% Polyester.
  • Sheer Crochet Ballet Flat
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    This casual-chic ballet flat comes in sheer crochet fabric with a crisscross toe. Lightly cushioned insole rests on a rubberized outsole. Imported.

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