Victoria Breana Price

This is my Enrollment. My Character's Biography is Below in the Description as well.

Biography: Victoria was born on July 18 in Miami Florida. She was a small and energetic child, when she was younger. She loved music and always enjoyed Dancing up until now. When she was little at age 4 it was hard getting through life because her mother, Elizabeth and her Father, Zachary always kept fighting. Even though the parents tried not to fight a lot because of Victoria's sake, she knew what was going on and the pressure was too hard. At age 6, while her sister Marie was still 4, She always enjoyed spending time with her, Dancing and everything to get through. Victoria's parents still kept fighting, and soon at the age of 8 Victoria's parents separated, and her mother now takes care of her, and her sister. When Victoria grew up she had an amazing voice, she also took up Cheer and Volleyball and just loved it. When she was 15 they all moved to London, there her mother met, Matthew who is now her Step Dad, they spent a lot of time together and soon got married and now Victoria and Marie have a step sister named Charlotte, who is the daughter of both Victoria's mom and Matthew her new husband. Her mother soon became pregnant again with another Child, who was a Boy. Zachary, Victoria and Marie's dad soon found out about the boy, and now it is being battled out, whether or not it is his child or Matthew's. At age 16 still in London almost near her Senior Year in Highschool, she met Jake. She thought he was the perfect guy for him, He was a Quarterback in Football, who was loyal, handsome, strong, athletic, fun, and a huge flirt. They just loved to be around eachother. Now she is in College in London, and can't wait to see what her College year will turn out to be like.....

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