this set is serving a dual purpose of expressing my love for the new photos of the vs 2012 fashion show and for advertising a fabulous new rp group.

the buildings are tall and the lights are blinding, an impressive city built on everything you could ever possibly dream of. the possibilities are endless, you realize as you take step after step, your stilettos clacking against the hot pavement. the sidewalks are crowded; you are pushed this way and that as you walk, by mindless drowns of tourists and locals, all easily detectable. yet despite the crowds and the minisculeness of it all, you feel anything but; you feel like you belong, like you're part of the crowd. you're in new york city now, and not only that, but you're here for the opportunity of a lifetime. you've heard of victoria's secret; hell, you grew up wearing their body spray and buying their bras. but now you are one of the coveted, the most desirable women in the whole entire universe; an angel, really. you are an angel.
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