The song's all catchy, but the video's all action-y, and if you know me, you probably know that I love action, banks, robbers, etc. Speaking of which, I have Chapter Six of my book written, but I'm not going to post it until I get Chapter Seven done, too.

What's delaying C7 from happening? I wrote the plot of it on my (dead) iPod. I finally found a charger, so then I have to charge it, get a good night's sleep, and then I'm going to write C7.

I really want to use Kendall in a roleplay, so link me if you know any good ones. Duh.

Guys, I use 'duh.' I /am/ turning into Jenny Phelps.

I had something else to say...oh, yeah. Layout. Did I already talk about the layout? I don't know - it's worth it to just rant again or whatever.

Layout is one of the biggest problems I have with my Polyvore stuff, and it definitely stops me from being as active in roleplays. I like this layout, and I think I invented it (if I didn't, let me know and I'll credit you). It doesn't take too terribly long. It probably took, like, half an hour.

My regular layout uses all fifty items most of the time. It's really tedious, and sets like that can usually take up to an hour. 

Then again, I could use the uber-quickie layout I sometimes use with like four pictures and a text thing in the corner (with an outfit though).

Anyways, I just want to find a happy medium between ridiculously simple (and pointless, which makes me feel like my sets suck) versus ridiculously complex. So if you start to see more layouts like this (or if you see lots of different layouts) going on here, that's why. I'm sure you can understand, right?

In summary:
-Payphone video = me likey
-Writing = happening
-Kendall Jenner = newest RP character who needs a home
-Rant = over

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