Katleen watched the Opera House from afar as she went about her everyday activities. But slowly but surely there seemed to be interest growing within it. 
Little Giry, as she was often called, seemed to have a nervous energy about her different from her usual shrewd yet carefree attitude. Katleen acknowledged this only with mild curiousity. But it wasn't until she herself, the one that usually watched everyone else, began to feel as if she was being watched that she began to pay extra attention to everyone. 
There had always been the supertitious beliefs that ghosts haunted the Opera House, for all its splendor and grandeur there always had to be some mystery surrounding it. She had heard of sightings of such a ghost, but never truly believed them for they often came from drunken sceneshifters and gossipy chorus girls. 
For she did not believe in ghosts, she believed there had to be a perfectly ordinary explanation to the occurences that got the managers nervous or the talk to rile up. Someone playing tricks on their friends, a drunk stableman who drunk himself out of the bottle, such things could easily be justified. And yet still a queasy almost excited feeling began to grow at the pit of her stomach; a feeling she had not felt for a long time.
With this feeling came the determination to solve the mystery that had fallen upon the opera house...and then in the end perhaps be the only one who ever truly found the truth that lay beneath it.
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