Antique Bakery*
Chi Hoon's POV

"I will give you a ride to that party!" I said to my brother who was getting ready for Halloween party.
How I wished to be in good mood like him, painting my face in pale colours and wearing dark clothes!
But Halloween was a sad holiday for me : Halloween from the time when I was 19 still was lively in my head like if it happened just yesterday.

Me and my gang friends looked like characters from Clockwork Orange movie.
With make up on our faces we wandered on streets making young girls scream.
Then we noticed wonderful car - Gran Torino -parked in front of some house.
Too wonderful car to leave it just like that!
When we were trying to steal it the owner appeared with a gun in his hands.
"Leave my car, b*astards!" He was a old man who made us laugh.
I came to him and without any problem took the gun from his shaking hands and hit him in head with his own gun. The old man fell on ground but instead of grabbing his head he put hands on his chest. "My heart..." He said quietly. My eye widened. Did I killed a man?
"My heart...!"
I quickly pulled out my cellphone ready to call the ambulance.
"Chi Hoon, what are you doing?" Duk Su said. "We are leaving that place! Jump in the car."
I listened to him but my eyes were still focused on that old man with his hands on his heart.

From that time I never have painted my face. Never went on Halloween party.
Instead of that I'm going to a church -even though I don't believe in God. 
I'm just going to that calm place to ask myself a question about the owner of Gran Torino :did he died that night?
"Hyung? Hyung! Stop sitting with your head in clouds! I don't want to be late."

"Give me a call when party will be over, okay?" I asked my brother.
"Hyung, I'm not a kid anymore -I'm going to be back in our apartment tomorrow!" He entered After School's Heaven.
I was going to ride to church but I saw familiar face going outside the restaurant. Thought about talking with her was to tempting to stay in car.

"Hello, pretty lady from medieval times!"
"It's not medieval dress Mr. Bond. James Bond." Ah Ri looked at my suit. "I'm -vintage vampire." She spin herself around to show me her outfit. I looked with a strange pleasure on her pale face, red lips and reddish-coloured eyes. The most disturbing were two small drops of fake blood on her neck line - to tempting to unbutton her dress and look for more red spots on her body.
"Why are you standing outside?" I asked trying not to look at her chest.
"I needed fresh air. I've seen Yang Joon with his new girlfriend."
"What about coming back inside and having a drink with me?" The word left my mouth without my agreement. Chi Hoon! You was suppose to go to church!
"Martini? Shaken, not stirred?" She asked with a smile and took my hand. We entered After School's Heaven together.

After two hours of dancing and drinking we left ASH together, still holding each other hands.
"My or yours apartment?" She asked.
Not Ah Ri, you're too precious to me to end up like all my previous girls.
"Not today, my vintage vampire. "I kissed her in the forehead. Her eyes were demanding more kisses but the rest of her body would pick a warm bed. A warm bed just for her. "You're tired. I'll walk you home."

Finally I entered the empty church.
I sat far away from altar: place near it was for Christians not devils like me.
It has been first Halloween since Gran Torino accident when I smiled. 
"Thank you for letting me meet a girl like her." I said aloud. "For letting me forget about past, enjoy present and think about happy future."

Thank you for reading.
I think my stories are getting too melancholic or something. I will try to write a funny story next!
Ai-K@i, you are definitely better at writing about their past:P
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Wrote 6 years ago
I saw it twice...once in the Tv and after in "media" lesson :D

Wrote 6 years ago
Honestly, I haven't watch Clockwork Orange yet but it's my 'homework' to see that movie:P

Wrote 6 years ago
Chi Hoon is a gentleman ^_^
Clockwork was a bit "silly" movie :D

Wrote 6 years ago
I like melancholy stories ^^ It wasn't too melancholy anyway :D
Great story! :)



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