Violent Delights.



BLURB (if you didn't read it already! I changed a few things though.)

Behind the over-grown prickly vines, and bloodshot roses, lies a cryptic castle named the Oxford Fortress located in the far end of England. Inside the tastefully done entrance doors, it is as if you tumbled down the hole to Wonderland, filled with beauty and tragedy. It is hard to not feel that glimmer of excitement, it is as if you have reached the edge of the world. Thirty young girls have been selected to attend Oxford, and matriculate their studies. Despite their spotless glass exterior, every girl has something to hide. And this year will be the most engaging, and deadly off them all.
Especially when the students start being murdered off.
Follow three divergent girls come together to solve the crime, and fight for their lives. But what do you do when you live among the killer? And anyone is a suspect. 


Chapter One:

Once upon a time, there were thirty young damsels, their cheeks applied with blush, and their secrets jammed into the far corners of their Chanel bags. On the first day at Oxford Fortress, all you could devour was the light giggles and the clunks of Louis Vuitton suitcases being thrown around. All thirty of these girls were privileged, with an endless limit on money, and skeletons hidden in their closets, they kept their blood red lips tight, lock and key thrown away into their past. 

One girl, unlike the rest, climbed up the slippery branches of an Oak tree, her fingers wrapped around a novel, tightly. She moved her body around, snuggling herself into a comfortable position, her long dirty blond hair brushing along her face. Her long maxi dress tickled her ankles, and her lavender perfume lingered on her bare arms. She opened up the cover carefully, and her mothers picture slithered out. Stroking the faded polaroid, the girl picked it up, examining her mother's fragile smile. The girl knew that her mother was close to death at the time, and was just like a bird with a broken wing.

"Scarlet Lynn?" A firm voice said carefully, as the words traveled off her tongue like music. Scarlet gazed below, as the woman searched for Scarlet among the flowered branches. Once the woman's deep brown eyes landed on Scarlet, she breathed a sigh.

"Your father said you would be up in the trees." She said, a thin smile darting on her lips. 

"Should I be going with you?" Scarlet asked, tilting her head, ever so slightly.

"Yes please, Mrs. Lynn." She responded forcefully, giving Scarlet another meek smile. Scarlet slipped the photo back into her novel, closing it tightly, and climbing down the arms of the tree, being cautious not to trip on her dress. Her oxfords hit the floor with a soft noise, and the woman stuck out her hand to greet her. 

"Mrs. Walsh." She stuck out her hand for a shake, and Scarlet shook her hand, smelling the stench of coffee pouring out of Mrs. Wall's pores.

"Welcome to Oxford Fortress. We can promise you that you'll have the best education possible." She nodded her head, reciting her lines. Mrs. Walsh put her faux vintage hat back on her head, and walked Scarlet back to the fortress, flaunting the fortress as if it was possessed by her. 


Back inside the elegant fortress, another girl was putting her memories on the shelf, while cranking up the volume on her iPod. She mouthed the lyrics to the song, while tossing her tortoise shell glasses onto her bed, along with mounds of fabric she had to bring along. She pulled her thick brown hair around her face into a tight ponytail, as Mrs. Walsh entered the room, conducting Scarlet to the room as well. The girl was too consumed in her music, she didn't hear the soft patter of her companies shoes. It wasn't until Mrs. Walsh tapped her on the shoulder, that the girl registered she wasn't alone. 

"Woah, you scared me." The girl said dramatically, placing her hand on her chest, while taking out her ear buds. 

"Sorry, Ms. Daniel." Mrs. Walsh said, and then briskly walked out, without uttering another word. 

"Hey, I'm Ivy." She said, throwing her iPod on her bed, along with the rest of her things. 

"Scarlet, or call me Scar. It's a pleasure." Scar smiled, sitting on her bed uncomfortably.

"Cool. I guess we're waiting for roommate number three." Ivy grinned, pointing awkwardly to the empty bed beside them.

"Well, she couldn't get any worse than Mrs. Walsh." Scar laughed, trying to lighten the mood. Ivy chuckled back, buttoning up her jacket, that she stitched together herself. 

Just before their third roommate walked in, Ivy and Scar were hit by the overpowering smell of roses, and something indescribable. 

"Lauren Marie is here!" Their roommate announced in an obnoxious way, rolling her cliche LV suitcases along with her. Ivy and Scar were too surprised to speak, or perhaps it was her enduring aroma.

"I'm Scar, and this is Ivy." Scar told her weakly, flicking her eyes from Ivy to Lauren.

"Pleasure! God, this castle thing is beautiful. Joie de vivre!" Lauren installed herself on the bed, her blond hair twirling around her face. Scar and Ivy exchanged glances, while Lauren was too thrilled to notice. 

Little did they know, a murderous, violent delight was just getting settled near by, a wicked smirk placed on the girl's lips.
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