Violet Cuffe wardrobe

Daughter of Barnabus Cuffe, editor of Daily Prophet. Violet has a complicated relationship with her father. She's his only daughter and her mother is dead, so he is essentially the only family she has, but they often butt heads on a professional level. Violet also went into writing and journalism, but she wants to actually report news rather than just being a mouthpiece for the Ministry.
After Hogwarts Violet went to America to work and distance herself from her father. There she picks up a few more notions of journalistic ethics, as well as a modern, muggle wardrobe. She prefers black, although she throws in the occasional grey or other dark color. When does does wear anything lighter it's usually in a modern, graphic pattern. She doesn't wear much jewelry, but she has several pieces that were passed down from her mother. Violet also has a preference for high, pointed heels.

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