Violet Riddle

Father- Lord Voldemort
House- Slytherin
Fav. calss- Divination
Patronus- unicorn
freands- Luna, draco, sometimes harry Ron and hermionie
Year- Same as Ginny
crush- Draco Malfoy,
she is the Slytherin seaker
Background- Her mother died giving birth to her. She grew up in an orphanage in at age 10 Snape got her on voldemorts orders and brought her to the Malfoy house till she was 11 when she was accepted at Hogwarts where Dumbledore keep a close eye on her. She joined the school choir and learned she had the sight in Divination.She skipped up to Harry"s year becoues of her good behavior and how well she did in class. She A parselmouth but likes mugles unlike her father.during the 4th year Harry and ron grew to have crushes on her but she didnt like them. She is forced to become a death eater around the same time Draco became one but turns on her father and fights with Dumbledore army.

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