Viper Academy:
- Jocelynn
- 17
- The United States
- Favorite Fashion Set:
 Favorite Interior Design Set:
- I'm pretty shy when first talking to people I don't know. I have high goals for myself and I'm a total nerd, not about like Harry Potter or other books, well I mean that too but I watch Jeopardy EVERY night and keep score for myself, normally I do well, my number one goal on my bucket list is to go on the show. So now that I've made a fool of myself...
- I make diverse sets and I try not to stick with one layout for too long, I don't really like making layered sets or sets with a lot of fillers, which I know is kind of popular, I just never like the way mine come out. I do try and make sets that appeal to every personality and style type, probably because mine is ever-changing. I also make interior design sets and I have fun doing something besides fashion.
I don't know how to describe my style some days I look preppy and like I ransacked Blair Waldorf's closet and other times I'll look like I ransacked Grandmother's closet, so really anything goes.

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