Virgina Chanel Grey

full name : Vergina Chanel Grey
pronunciation : veer-jin-yah
nickname(s) :despises nicknames.
age :15
appearance :Virgina has lusciously layered Brown-toast and Brown wheat blended waves end with natural sharp ends,her natural beauty of hair is volumious as rich as dark chocolate,and ever so sleek and neat.Her lovely beach waves caresses right below her chest,,she always puts her locks up at night because if she doesn't even if it was only once her hair will become a lions mane. her eyebrows are the shape of a sharp arch which gives her the edgy feel that people seem to sense when they walk by her,Virgina's eyes are decribed to be enchanted,the way those warm chocolate melting eyes shimmer, gorgeous, huge,bright and framed and hugged by an extremely thick, long,natural, and black lashes, defining her face adequately, Her nose is not too big or too small,her nose leans more towards being a button nose.Now her lips are full and luscious,light rose pink heart shape lips that no man as been able to touch even,naturally soft and have that perfect smirk that constantly plays on her face and it goes perfectly with the seductive stare of this angel's. Her skin is the color of cream, soft, spotless, clean.
personality : Virgina Is said to have a angels heart and a crystal clear soul but those who believe that couldn't be farther from the truth.Her heard is of deception and her soul is of black diamonds,
she's blunt because she is characterized by directness in manner or speech without subtlety or evasion. aka frank, callous, insensitive, brusque. She's callous: she is hardened to emotions, rarely showing any form of it in expression. aka Unfeeling. Cold.
Indifferent:The famous trait of Virgina's lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally, remaining calm and seeming not to care; a casual lack of concern. Having or showing little or no interest in anything; languid; spiritless.
Lazy:Resistant to work,this is slightly true as she doesn't work if someone with authority tells her to do it,it's her way of showing that she can't be ordered around.
Perfectionist:A propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards.
Practical:Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative. No-nonsense.
Sarcastic:subtle form of mockery in which an intended meaning is conveyed obliquely. and so if you wanted to some that up in one word than she would be seen as serious.
Her plain personality can make it seem like she may think of herself as the ice queen, she admits it, she's often in a bad mood.And it's those around she who often bear the brunt of she annoyed feelings, even if they haven't done anything wrong!Ouch, she doesn't mind throwing out cutting insults to whomever she hates,However when she's with someone she likes she'll still be abit blunt but now she acts as their protection,and honestly all she wants is a friend that she can trust with her feelings and until she finds someone she'll remain blunt.Virgina is quite a street smart girl,she learns best when getting to see things first hand so normally she learns about people best when she's around them
While her beauty might fill you with delight beware of her eyes as if the seem to be looking through you instead of at you then she possibly is trying to figure out how you work,and if she can trust you.And although it seems hard to please her or earn her trust,once you do she'll turn out to be funny,playful and you might even catch her smile instead of smirk for once.
likes:dance/photography/reading/winter/fall/camellia/jasmines/ waterfalls/sleep/gymnastics/riding motorcycles/cream/crimson/cream/
dislikes :hyperactive people/idiots/loud noises/sexism/wasting time/being told what to do/hypocrites/mothers day/being treated as a child/being challenged/guys looking down on her/
biography : Virgina grew up as the figure who children adored,whenever she'd pass by the children would stop what they were doing, whether it was playing ball or celebrating the holidays as they saw her and would be in a hurry to greet her. as she was like a motherly figure to them,and Virgina watches over each one silently,though she is a blunt,harsh person as she herself had no mother to run to in that way.On her sixth Christmas growing up she had gotten a camera and she decided to surprise her parents in the late night hour with a when she creeped down stairs of her large home and snapped a pic,she was quite surprised to see her mother sucking face with a man she had never seen before. This startled Virgina but when her mother looked up and saw her child she quickly begged for her to keep quiet. And she did for two years to be exact,ofcourse that's when she started to become cold,she became cold towards her mother and stopped respecting her,and though she doesn't realize it the child was giving her mercy and giving her a chance to admit the truth and fix her way.then on one evening when her mother had come home late and she had been questioned by Virgina's father Virgina answered for her stating.'I believe she was with her other man tonight' after that comment she walked away and showed her father the picture she had taken by mistake when she was six,her father went into a state of shock and disbelief as his wife tried to convince him that it wasn't true.but that's when Virgina took her position as the head of the house and scowled her own mother,she called her scum and that she had a lot of never to deceive her own husband and that she had no right to be the woman of the house.Virgina made it clear that the woman needed to go,and after she left the young girl took her place as head woman,growing up faster than a lot of girls her age ,she soon became untrusting,icy cold and blunt.she stopped trusting the people she loved the most after all if she can't trust the one who gave birth to her,who can she trust.
Roleplay sample:

the tapping of the lita campbell boots were sharp and quick as they moved one after the other in a rhythm as if trying to keep up with the other but never succeeding in doing so as they moved along the cafe flooring,one delicate hand held onto the hem of my skirt in fear that it would rise up as the other held the blazer closed over my chest as it was briskly cool outside because of the fog,elegantly I smoothened my skirt before sitting down at a two seat table,the silky chocolate brown locks of hair was no longer free as it usually was but instead it had a bow attached to it,which would explain the annoyance written on my gracious face as my plum colored lips made no effort to part into a smile while my sweet milk chocolate brown eyes gazed down at the table before me.

Extra: Extras ~She is the leader type since she isn't effected by emotional bonds,she likes to take charge especially if she's trying to prove her point to a guy,she isn't the partying type and she will normally be seen leaning against a wall is she does come to one.
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