Viria of Underwood Court
The Courts of the Comos are constituted upon preserving nature. Underwood Court rules over the forests and Hill Garden Court over the gardens. They have been allies since before the Court of the Cosmos had been initiated. From then on, a bond must be struck between the two houses through marriage.
The castle of Underwood is surrounded by a maze, to keep blundering intruders out, and a tour-guide is assigned to assist welcomed guests. The city surrounding the Underwood castle is barely a city at all, and is a lush forest with cottages dotted across the countryside.

Lady Viria is the youngest of the Underwood children, after her elder sister Sigrid and older brother Adrian. Viria is a hopeless romantic who dreams of marrying a gallant Lord of Hill Garden and filling her castle with many children. She dreams of spending endless days in the gardens of Hill Garden, picking roses for her hair and dancing barefoot with zero responsibilities.
And the possibilities of those dreams coming true have become extremely likely.
Viria is betrothed to Asher of Hill garden, but resent events have shown that he holds no interest in Viria, and is instead infatuated with Sigrid, who holds very little interest in boys and marriage. Viria refuses to commit to a loveless relationship for the sake of the two Courts. That never happened in the fairytales.
But there may be hope yet- Asher's sister Magdalena has offered to assist Viria in coaxing her brother to love her.
A bond needs to be struck between the Courts, and Magdalena hopes if she can get Asher to marry Viria, she won't have to wed Adrian. Magdalena has much bigger plans.

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