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''Don't be afraid of death .. Be afraid of unlived life .. You don't have to live forever.. You just have to LIVE ''

I'll be offline for a while! I'll be back at the end of June .. I have lots of upcoming exams which I've gotta pass. 

This set I'd like to dedicate to my amazing friend @tottitazzy1 .. She makes amazing sets and she deserves all the love from you polyvorians!! Check her out ! :)

I am in mood answering some questions :)
1.Do you believe there is life on other planets? Yes I do.
2.Do you believe in miracles? Yes, I do
3.Do you believe in magic? Of course not
4.Do you believe in Santa? He lives in the north pole. haha no
5.Do you like roller coasters? One word. YES
6.Have you ever been to the ocean? Yes
7.What radio station do you listen to? Capital FM
8.What was the last thing you bought? Ice Cream
9.What was the last thing on TV you watched? Movie '' Dirty Streets''
10.Who was the last person you took a picture of? Best friend
11.Do songs make you cry? Yes, they do
12.Are you a happy person? I am trying to think positive
13.What is your current hair color? Something between black and brown and kinda red
14.What are you wearing? Jeans, neon shirt, jacket
15.Bracelets? Totally not
16.Your eye color? brown
17.Short or long hair? Medium
18.Height? 5 ft. 5
19.Spell your name without vowels: SH
20.What color do you wear most? Deffo purple
21.Least favorite colors? Always purple
22.What are you listening to? Roman Lob- Standing Still
23.What is your favorite class in school? English, Chemistry , P.E
24.Can you dance? Of course
25.Raise one eyebrow? Yes
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