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The one that is living a lie.
Brooklyn ‘Brooke’ Carter, 27 years old
Known as: the girl who seems to have everything.
• Biography: Brooke Carter, the girl who has a perfect life. An all-round sweet girl in high school, who got A’s without trying and just as easily talked video games with the nerds as she did soccer with the jocks. The girl who went on to study law at Harvard and graduate top of her class and is now at a world class law firm. The girl who got married to the perfect guy and lives in a perfect house. Except the guy isn’t so perfect, the house isn’t a home and she is struggling with her work as the pressure from her boss becomes too much. Brooke is living a complete lie, her life a show for the public, so that no one finds out her former soccer star husband is playing around with countless women and everyone keeps thinking they are the perfect match. And Brooke is finally having enough of it. She desperately craves to be the girl she once was, the carefree and strong willed version of herself that had a good time, all the time and was never worried about anything. And she feels that going back to beach house is the only way she will ever be that girl again. Plus, the added bonus of seeing her old boyfriend, the newly singe Jared Miller is another reason to go back the beach house this summer.
• Why she’s returning to the beach house: She needs to get away from her current life and be who she used to be. Plus, she’s curious to see her ex again.
Occupation: lawyer for a top firm.
Relationship status: unhappily married to Danny Andrews, 31 (Josh Kloss), an ex soccer star. 
Other notable relationships: her ex, Jared Miller, 28(Jensen Ackles), her mother, Natasha (Julia Roberts), her older sister, Alyssa (Sophia Bush) and her daddy, Thomas (Clive Owen)
Model: Alyssa Miller (model subject to change. Maybe.)

-being english, it absolutely killed me to write soccer and i mean, killed me lol.


Slipping my shoes on, I walked into my bedroom to grab a shirt when a figure asleep in the bed caught my eye. Taking a closer look, I couldn’t help but scoff as I realised it was one of Danny’s recent whores, who was completely naked apart from the Egyptian cotton sheets, which I had bought last year, which was barely covering her modesty. 

“You’re f-cking them in the marital bed now? Figures.” I asked, still turned to wardrobe as I rifled through the many clothes, looking for the one item I needed. I heard Danny coming out of the bathroom and I turned around, not bothered in the slightest that he had no clothes on. 

“Well, it’s not as if I f-ck you in it anymore, is it?” I scowled.

“And whose fault is that?” Grabbing the shirt, I flung it on and closed the wardrobe door lousy, causing the girl in the bed to jump.

“Why is she here? I thought you guys were done?” I gave a short laugh.

“Oh no honey, we’re still happily married. And I’m here because this is my f-cking house. Now leave before I make you.” She glared at me before looking to Danny, who merely shrugged.

“You heard my wife. Leave.” She gaped at both of us before scrambling out of the bed, picking up her barely there clothes and running out of the room.

“You treat your girls with so much respect.” Shaking my head, I made to walk past him when he grabbed my arm, pulling me flush against his muscled body.

“Where are you going?”

“Out.” I spat. “Like it has anything to do with you.” 

“You’re still my wife.” I scoffed.

“Only for show. I’ve not been your wife for a long time.” I moved to pull away but was held in place. “Let me go. I have things to do today.”

“No, you’re my wife and I want you with me today.”

I scoffed again. “That’s rich, you playing the wife card. Well then, you’re my husband and I want you to stop f-cking around with every girl you meet.” 


“Then you have my answer as well.” I finally pulled out of grip, rubbing my arm where his hand had been. “I’ll be back later.” I walked out of the bedroom, heading downstairs where my bag was on the floor and I left the house, as quickly as I could.

Taking a seat in Starbucks, I opened my laptop and clicked onto my emails, quickly scanning through them to see if any where important enough to look at on my day off. Seeing nothing major, I was about to exit when an email caught my eye. Titled “Beach House, again?” I instantly opened it, seeing an email from Nate about meeting up once more, for old time’s sake.

My heart sped up as I continued to read and saw the list of everyone going back;


I bit my lip as I saw Jared’s name down as a definite for going back. If going back wasn’t already appealing to me, the knowledge that my ex was going to be there was a definite reason to go back. I sipped on my coffee as I thought about back when I was a carefree teenager and the beach house was the one thing we looked forward to all year.

I absolutely loved it there. Everything about the place was special. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the sand on my toes and sea breeze on my face, the people who made it the place to be every summer. I smiled lightly as I pictured us all for the first time arriving at Nate’s house, all of us amazed at how wonderful it all seemed as we stood outside the house. 

Even to this day, I still dreamt of that house and the way it made me feel. It made me feel like a free spirit, a girl who could conquer the world and make her own future. I longed to be that girl again, I craved it, in fact. That girl would never be in the situation I was currently subjected to. She would never have stood for a cheating husband, or a bully for a boss telling her she wasn’t good enough at what she did. She would have told them to ‘go f-ck themselves’ and then laugh in their faces as she became something bigger and better than themselves. 

Pulling away from my day dreaming, I put my coffee down and instantly wrote a reply to Nate.

From; BCarter9@gmail.com
Count me in.

Shutting my laptop, my work didn’t seem important anymore and I left Starbucks, heading back home, a smile on my face the whole way there.

“Why are you so f-cking happy?” I rolled my eyes as I met Danny in the kitchen and went to fridge to grab a bottle of water.

“I’m leaving for a month, that’s why. One whole month away from you, sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?”

“You can’t leave.” I flinched slightly as he slammed a mug down on the counter. “We have a whole list of events we need to be at.”

I turned to him. “Well take one of your many whores. I don’t care.” 

“You can’t do this!”

“Just f-cking watch me! If you were my husband, I would stay but you’re not, you’re just someone I pretend to be with, so go f-ck yourself and leave me alone. I am going and that is final.” 

Danny looked stunned as I felt the blood in my veins pumping. My old fire was already coming back and that was only at the mention of the beach house. I could only imagine what I would be like when I got there.

Leaving the kitchen, I headed up stairs and began packing, grabbing the suitcase from inside the closet and opening it wide, throwing all my summer clothes in. Half way through packing, I felt my phone vibrate. Taking it out of my jeans pocket, I smiled as I saw who the message was from.

From; Jared Miller.
I guess I’ll be seeing you soon. X

Smiling, I put my phone back in my pocket and dragged my suitcase into the room I was currently using. Flopping down onto my bed, I couldn’t help but smile at everything that had happened in the space of an hour.

I was finally going to me again.

The real me.

And I couldn’t f-king wait.
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