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well watching the vma's and so far its ehh.
Not a fan of Austin, His song that he sang reminds me way to much of BSB. Also his live performance wasn't that great. Ariana was amazing though, I absolutely love her. I also love that 30 seconds to mars won best rock video, Jared you are to perfect. 

Katy perry looks amazing in her dress, not a big fan of her music but her style is awesome. But I do have to say her new song roar is awesome. I do like her songs just they get over played so much I just get to annoyed and grow out of them. 

 Selena's dress makes her look so grown up, I like it. It's a nice color for her, but she looks amazing in almost everything. I feel like when I comment on someones look I'm just gonna be like they looked amazing or just repeat myself. But Its probably going to be because I love it to much I just kind find words or because I'm trying to do this fast. either way I'm probably going to say everyone looked amazing. lol :)

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