For the contest:

The rules were to make a new set using pictures from your first kpop set. Here is a link to my first kpop set:

Gahh so bad!! XD I remember I thought I was being so cool and original trying to make an outfit based on G-Dragon's style. And this was just last July, oh how much I have learned.

And I was tagged by @jenica35 in her set: to do two short tags:

1. Who is your favourite celebrity? You should show us a picture of them in all their glory in a set. 
I don't think I really have a favorite, but I do really like Bigbang. All but two of them are in this set.
2} What is your favourite fandom? 
I don't think I have this either. I like finding other fans of things I also like, but when the fans get overboard I stay out of the fandom
3} Do you have a favourite colour or many? You should add a lot of your favourite colours in the set, because you know, they're your favourite colour (s)
Royal blue is my favorite color. But I also really like, yellow, coral, orange, lime green, cyan, purple, so pretty much every color. And I used a lot in this set!
4} Do you enjoy food and if so (don't lie to me, everyone loves food and if they don't they're either lying, or they really don't like food) you should show us that food.
I love food!! My favorite is cheeseburgers. I also love french fries, potato chips, dumplings, sushi, spinach puff pastries, noodles, pizza, and mac and cheese!
5} Music. Who is your favourite singer/band and what is a good music line you think of?
Even though they only have one album I love Handsome People. I also really like Jimmy Needham, Sho Baraka, Andy Mineo, Shinee, The Koxx, Primary, and Daybreak! What is a music line? 
6} Do you have a fictional character you keep close to your heart?
Sammy Keyes from the series of books called Sammy Keyes, and Aang & Zuko from the tv show Avatar the Last Airbender
And the second one:
- Make a set of any kind.
- In the description, include 10 things that you are obsessed with at the moment, or that you're really interested in.
- Tag me so I can see it, and then tag five other people.

My ten obsessions (I wouldn't really call them obsessions, more so things I really like):
1. Polyvore
2. K-Pop
3. The art of animated movies
4. Movies
5. Running Man
6. Scandal 
7. Making layouts
8. Fitness
9. K-Indie
10. Bigbang

And I won't tag anyone, I have been tagging more than I normally do.

Happy Friday!
February 22nd, 2013
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