The Vogue shoot had been the hottest one in Vogue history. They tried to go past their boundaries, trying something new, they wanted to create a fuss, shock the population.
Nudity, bare skin, occasionly blue see-through panties, and of course the best ones, the ones with the perfect chemistry and perversity, the ones that push the boundaries every day... Meg and Robert.
Yes, they were the perfect couple. Those poses they made shocked everyone around them: the hairdresser, the photographer, the make-up artist... and Anna Wintour. Yet, the shock on her face was painted with suspicious smiles... Oh yes, they were bloody perfect.
No censure, no x-rating, this issue was gonna SHOCK.
After the shoot, they took on their clothes. The touch of the fabrics felt so unnatural on her skin. She made grimaces as she put on her shoes. She noticed he was staring at her with an amused smile upon his badass expression. They exchanged looks, no words needed to be spoken, they were thinking the same thing.
He dragged her by the hand and before they were out, she shouted back to the crew
Sorry, gotta go!
They marched in the dark corridor, like soldiers going to the battlefield. They were determined, certain of their action and... madly in love...
He pushed the door to the man's bathroom, they closed it.


yeah so i obviously lost the rest of this part now that i look back on this set and search in the files of my comp but can't fucking find anthing.. fucking hell..
so i post the rest of my writing (nothing to do with Vogue though)

- Are you ready?, he shouted impatiently.
- No Robert, I'm not!", she shouted from the bathroom. He wondered what could possibly take so long, so he opened the door, and there she was, standing next to the sink looking in the mirror, maneuvering sharp and neat movements. She was setting her hair up, fingers crossing her long and dark hair whilst holding the hair band in her mouth. He had a sudden flashback to the day when they first met, where she looked so exquisitely fragile yet strong in an attitude of certainty. She still had that look upon her, making his heart beat like a wild horse set free, yet it wasn't as out of reach as before, but he still had a deep fear a bad feeling she might disappear if he gets too close. His face must have shown more than what it should, cause he noticed the look on her face was puzzled.
- Looks like you've just seen a ghost, she said, forcing her voice to sound amused.
- Umm.. No. Or, if you count the past as a ghost.
Her face turned slightly sad, glimpses of uncertainty kept on flashing in her eyes. He questioned deeply why. Did he say something wrong? She turned back towards the mirror, sinking her head between her shoulders and stared blankly at the sink, firmly holding its borders. She didn't want him to notice the tears that kept pushing in her eyes.
She knew what he meant by "the past". He was probably referring to the first time they met and how harshly she had left him. At least that's what his deeply thoughtful expression said. She still blamed herself for having left him that day so brutally, she knew she must have slightly hurt him... But previous experiences had taught her not to open up too much at the beginning. Better to be cold... It must have worked cause he seemed to quite like her. She felt guilty every time looking in his faithful and trustworthy eyes. How could he have found forgiveness in his heart for her?
She didn't notice how he approached; he was now standing behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, removing the hair that laid on her neck. He kissed it, gently, sending a shiver down her spine. He undid her pony tale, letting the hair fall on her back.
" I like it when it's natural.."
She instantly smiled. She looked up in the mirror and saw how he carefully caressed her hair. Their eyes met in their own reflections. He smiled as well. She felt the rush of blood in her cheeks. (<- you're obliged to click here.)

He unzipped her dress, she could feel his cold fingers touching her back. She started trembling from excitement. He immediately removed his hand.
Sorry, am I too cold?
Fuck no, she turned towards him, looked straightly in his eyes. You're as bloody hot as it is possible to get.
Green light, he smiled and instantly pressed her against his lips. She felt once more his cool fingers running on her back, his lips moving downwards to her neck. He could feel her breath in his ear. He put her one the sink and removed the shoulders of her dress.
But what if I break it?, she asked.
Do I look like a give a fuck?, he smiled cheeky. I want you here and now...
He started kissing her wildly again. His lips were soft like silk, yet his moves were rough. She unzipped his jeans as fast as she could but every movement she made was so harsh and uncontrolled making the impatience only growing faster. He took off her dress, he noticed she was wearing his favorites: BSTPs. She was unbuttoning his shirt while he moved his lips behind her ear, towards her neck. She closed her eyes and lifted her head up. The blood in her veins was pulsing impatiently and she could feel it burning inside. She moaned. Somehow she managed to unbutton his shirt with the tempting distraction going on on her shoulders and neck, and cooling fingers in her hair. He pressed her harder against his body, kissing her like never before. She couldn't hold it inside anymore. She shouted... No, she yelled out of pure excitement and lost control over herself. She tried to grab something solid but her mind was elsewhere, her common senses got out the door the minute he approached her. She was all his, her mind too. So she grabbed the mirror behind her, she was either spectacularly strong, or the mirror was sitting loose, cause somehow it fell on the floor and smashed into a billion glittery from the light pieces.
Whatever, she thought to herself.
A 3rd person watching this spectacle would have taken them for beasts, far uncivilized people.
There they were, only the cloths of their underwear separating them.

But not anymore.


Where you taking me? Thought we were going to eat somewhere?, she asked puzzled whilst he was dragging her by the hand on the street.
We are. I know this great place where these unknown bands are playing. The music and feel there is just great!, he replied enthusiastically whilst turning to the right.
They walked along the streets till they stopped by a door. She could see through the windows how the crowd was hiding its face behind the cigarette smoke, the place was dark, lit up by lots of candles. She could hear some music coming from the background. She looked up at the sign hanging over the door.
Shithole..., she said skeptically. Are... Are you sure Robert?, she said whilst narrowing her eyebrows.
He just laughed it up, opened the door and they went inside.
Hi there Rob!, the bartender at the bar greeted him.
I'm a regular, he explained her. Hi there Mike! I'll take the usual one.
'Tis free so take it.
She followed him to a table in the corner. It was the farthest table from the stage, but the view was great.
What can I get you?, the servitor asked.
Umm... One beer, she replied.
You know, he lent over the table to get closer to her, you can order anything you want... I'll buy it for you...
Oh, well then, I'd like one bottle of champagne, another one of wine, 3 cosmos and 2 dry martinis, she replied ironically.
Did you get it all?, he asked the servitor.
He nodded in approval.
Have you lost your mind!?, she bursted.
Don't worry... It's Friday. Happy hour you know, he laughed away.
The music was delightful, the singer was cute aswell. Somehow he caught her eyes and she couldn't rest them for a minute from them. Even though she was with Robert, a weird force was dragging her attention towards him.
The drinks she ordered kept on coming, and somehow she digested them all.


Everything got blurry. Was like her mind didn't function normally, it felt heavy...
Robert take me home..., she whispered to herself.
Her hand was hanging slack, the wall supported her back, everything around her felt surreal.
All of a sudden she felt someone's lips. They were unknown. But why not? They felt good. She had lost the sense of time. Maybe they kissed like this for seconds, minutes or hours. Who'd know? Her beer bottle slipped from her hand on the floor. Everything felt heavy, her head, her steps, her shoulders, her arms, every sound, his lips...
Take me home...., she managed to whisper using the last of energy that was in her.

Next thing she's in a car. There's a man sitting next to her.
The man smiled to her. He had an angelic face. Even though everything was blurry, she could see he was goddamn hot. It must be Robert...
Home...?, she mumbled.
LAS VEGAS BABY!!, the man shouted with a bottle of champagne in his right hand. He poured her a glass and gave it to her.
Las Vegas? What the fuck!? She took a sip from her glass, another one, another one... Then came the next glass of champagne. She drank it up aswell...
LAS VEGAS BABYYYY!!, she shouted out. Suddenly she felt energy flowing in her. The image of the man got clearer.
What the FUCK is your name sugarpuff?, she laughed pointing her finger on his nose.
Caleb, he replied smiling.
Naaaw, aren't you just CUTE!!, she giggled.
She bent over to him. They started kissing, passionately and she could feel the interest in his movements. They weren't as loving and passionate as Robert's, but God bless, he was the greatest kisser she's ever met. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest while running her fingers on his back. His back... She could feel his muscles and his smooth skin.
They were kissing and next thing she knew they were lying on the floor, which made her realize they were driving a limo. She felt his breath on her neck interrupted by gentle kisses here and there. She felt his hand on her thigh working its way upwards. He took off her panties and threw them on the backseat. She looked at them, and, from nowhere, they reminded her of Rob... She felt weird... Like something was wrong. But she couldn't put a name on it. The feeling kept on growing but she couldn't remember anything as her common sense was now in another space of time. She got lost in his kisses and the delightful feelings he overwhelmed her with. She felt a rush of excitement running in her blood. He was amazing, indeed.
The rest of their trip got "blurryfied".


You got the rings?, he asked.
Umm... Yeah.. think so. OH LOOK!!! They were in my pocket ahahaha!, the priest gave her a funny look. She got tears in her eyes. She couldn't stop laughing.
I'm telling you! This IS a real diamond!, she kept on laughing. Are you assuming I got these rings from my HappyMeal surprise pack from McDonald's!?! You are just SOOOO irrational!, she rolled her eyes.
The priest turned to Caleb
And will you, take Megan.. err.. Sexgoddess..
Why the FUCK were you hesitating you brainless wanker!?, she yelled. Are you assuming that is not my surname!? Now that is just SOOO irrational! God bless ya and your sins!
... As your beloved wife and cherish her till death tears you apart?
LAS VEGAS BABY!! Hell yeah!!, he shouted out and took a sip from his bottle of champagne.
I take that as a yes..., he mumbled to himself. I pronounce you now husband and wife.
Woooohoo!, she yelled, and ran outside followed by him.
You may kiss the bride, she said whilst caressing his chin.
I've got a better idea, he said with a badass smile. They ran up to the motel room.


The construction workers woke her up. She looked at the clock. 12 o'clock.
Umph..., she sighed.
Something moved in the bed.
Aaaah!, she screamed and jumped out of bed.
There was a man lying on it. Worst, she had no fucking idea who it was.
Who.. Who are you?, she said trying to make her voice sound calm. Get out or I'll call the police!!, she shouted and you could definitively hear the fear in her voice.
You don't remember do you?, he answered calm. He sat up on the bed and rubbed his hand against his face. He yawned.
She was obviously not as calm as he.
Remember WHAT!?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!?!, she yelled desperately.
Look at your right hand.
All she could see was a childish ring which looked like it belonged to a 9 year old.
This is the honeymoon suite.
It took her exactly 2 seconds to sort everything out. She opened her eyes from astonishment. She wanted to yell, scream and shout from the top of her lungs, but the shock was like a huge brick blocking her voice's way. She looked in his eyes. Few blurry images kept flashing in her mind. The situation was worse... She had slept with him too...
She realized she stood still like a statue for minutes, cause when she made one step towards the bed all of her bones hurt.
She fell brutally on the bed, lay down and closed her eyes.
Fuck..., she whispered. And then, as if nothing could get worse she remembered one other thing.
What day are we today?, she asked eagerly with impatience in her voice.
The 19th... Why?
FUCK!, she managed to shout this time.
She went under the blanket and hid herself beneath it. She closed her eyes and did her best not to cry.
Today was Robert's gig.
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