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@silenthedges's questions
1 Favorite book as a kid and your favorite book now? As a kid it was A Dark Dark Tale, and now it's Bram Stoker's Dracula. 
2 Who do you wish to be if you were any kind of fictional character? Probably some kind of vampire.
3 What is your favorite country or where do you wish to go to? England, Italy or France.
4 Music that makes you shiver? Siouxsie, her stuff is so moving. 
5 What season do you love most and why? Fall because it gets cold and because of Halloween :3
6 Are you a morning person or a night person? Night.
7 What is your favorite decade? The 80's.
8 Is there any food you refuse to eat ever? Rare/raw meat or fish. 
9 Who are your favorite actors/actresses? Johnny Depp, Winona Rider, Helena Bohnam Carter, Daniel Radcliffe.
10 How would you spend your ‘’ideal’’ night? A concert for a band I love with some friends, or watching movies I like with friends. 
11 What was your last dream about (if you can remember)? This guy from my old school that I have a crush on. ^///^
My questions:

1. What's your favorite band?
2. What was the last thing you ate?
3. What is one of your favorite statement pieces? 
4. Favorite perfume?
5. Something you find to be overwhelmingly cute?
6. Two of of your favorite outfits? 
7. Top 3 movies you would recommend to your friends?
8. Favorite store to but clothes from?
9. Top 3 favorite genres of music?
10. Favorite artist? 
11. Best thing about Polyvore?

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