Hey! Its mackenzie!!!! <3

Okay first of all is what to wear what to bring and such... 
-shoes... okay this bothers the heck out of me because there ARE specific volleyball shoes, like the ones in the set NO you should not wear them outside... bring sandals it ruins the shoes
-socks... a lot of volleyball players wear knee-high socks, but i just think those are ugly to look more professional I suggest the basketball socks that nike makes
-knee pads:must wear unless you enjoy bleeding floor burns
-spandex!!!!! yayayayayyayay these are the things that make volleyball uniforms different from the rest, okay guys think they're hot too, I suggest getting solid colors because they go with every thing but they have some really amazing patters too, b skinz is good for that
- T shirt, no tight tops please!
-pre-wrap is your best friend and is always good, it comes in awesome colors and patterns as well!! 
- whats in right now for volleyball: those awesome thick cloth headbands. they can get sweaty tho (I love them)
alright here we go... there are 6 people on the court at one time and each has a role to do on a team. Volleyball is one of those sports where if one person messes up its YOUR responsibility to fix it... or else your team looses the point. The objective is to not let the ball hit the ground on your side (aka pound the ball on the other side)
-outside hitter (thats me!) this person plays in spot 4 (front row left side) and blocks, hits, serves, short passes
- middle hitter (partially me) these ppl are usually huge like GIGANTOR they have more fun sets... they can hit HARD and must learn to hit around the block or you can just tool people all day
-setter (spot 2 front right or back right) the setter has rules they must follow, if they are in the back row you can not dump or tip the ball over the net, okay? okay. also the setter uses the antennae to mark where the sets need to go, they are your best friend
-opposite hitter (spot 2 front row on the right) this person hits behind the setter, it sneaky... like a pineapple
-ds (designated specialist) permanent back row player... plays back right and left
-libero (back middle) permanent back row player you have to be really really good at passing and liberos are usually rather short compared to other players on the team because when hitting back row, liberos can jump above the top of the net, so it helps if you're short
NET: okay a common misconception of volleyball is that you cant touch the net... actually you can touch the net but only on the black part (mesh) even so... you cant make it so it interferes with play
COURT: okay theres a mid line that runs under the net (dont step over that) a ten foot line which is believe it or not, ten feet from the net, and then theres a end-line if the ball lands on the outer LINES of the court... it's in
I really hoped this made sense.. sorry for the rant lol keep smiling lovlies (p.s. each of my sets wear a bow tie because they have to be classy just for the occasion of you guys reading them)
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