Thursday, June 7th: The Evans family is having their annual Summer Gala, this year's proceedings will go to the funding for the construction of a new high school in town. Make sure to buy a ticket and dress up in your best gown.


"Thanks for coming to this thing with me." I said for what felt like the twentieth time as i sat in the back of the limo with Ben on your way to the Evans' for their annual Summer Gala.

"Lilah, you don't need to keep thanking me." Ben said using the nickname he had giving to me. "I was more than happy to come with you." He added his million dollar smile lighting up his face. 

"Do you think Noah is going to be there?" Ben asked randomly the smile quickly coming off his face.

"I don't know." I replied my mind instantly playing repeat on that night. "It's a big possibility he will be." I added shaking the thought from my head.

"Right." Ben said the smile replaced by a frown. Ben and Noah always disliked each other ever since i could remember. Ben thinks Noah is a jealous control freak and doesn't deserved anything from me. Noah, well, he just doesn't like Ben because he's my best friend who happens to be a guy. 

"Just forget about it." I said placing my hand on top of Ben's. "It's going to be a good night because i'm with my best friend. Right?" I asked eying him my hand still on-top of his. 

"Right." He said forcing his million dollar smile onto his face.

"Look -"

"Miss Maxwell, Mr Worthington." The driver said cutting me of before i could say anything more. "We're here." He added with a smile on his aged face. 

"Thank you, Charlie." I said with a smile as he opened the door and held out his hand for me to take. 

"You're Welcome. I'll be back here around one unless you need me early or later just call." He said with one last smile before getting back into the limo and driving off. 

"Ready?" Ben asked wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Born ready." I replied back with a laugh as we made our way into the Evans' with his arm tightly around my waist which i'm sure would get a few stares and gossip spending like a wildfire by tomorrow.

- - -

"Do you want a drink?" Ben asked when after were finally by ourselves. 

"Yes, please." I replied a little overwhelmed from the amount of people that i had just meet in a matter of a minutes. 

"Alright, I'll be back." He said with a smile and walked over towards the bar. 

"Can you believe she came with Ben? I mean what about poor Noah?" I heard a high pitched voice said from behind me not even bothering to hide the hate in their voice.

"I know! She just shows up with him and poor Noah is here all brokenhearted!" A second voice said agreeing. 

"Such a s.lut." The first voice added. 

"You know if your going to talk about someone you might want to much sure they can't hear you." I said turning around the face the girls. Of course it was two of Kendall's followers. 

"Truth hurts, sweetie." The girl with the high pitched voice said with a smirk on her face before walking off with the other girl following behind her. 

"You okay Lilah?" Ben asked returning with two glasses of champagne in his hands, following my gaze to where Kendall and her Posse stood. 

"I will be." I replied taking a glass from his hand and turning my gaze back to him.
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