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Event: People are starting to arrive to the Hamptons for summer, so there's parties and celebration everywhere. Gossip is stronger than ever, so keep an eye open and an ear close.

votd | simone sinclair

I still remembered the first time my family came to the Hamptons. Back then, I spent all my summers here until my Senior Year of High School. 
Walking down the beach with my wedges in my hand, I saw all the new and old shops. 

After my walk, I entered a local bar and sat down feeling grateful for the air conditioning. I hadn't been sitting there 5 minutes when the bartender set down a drink in front of me, "Compliments of the gentlemen over there." The bartender signaled a guy sitting at the far corner from me. I nodded toward the generous stranger as I took a sip. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him stand up and walk towards me. We talked for a while nothing personal and he wasn’t bad looking, but not exactly my type.

“My house down the beach, want to check out the jacuzzi I had installed last week?” I finished my drink and followed him outside.

The guy’s house was impressive and to my surprise he was my new neighbor, but I decided I didn’t want to tell him that. We entered through the back door to an enormous patio with a gazebo and a huge infinity pool and a deck jacuzzi. After a half hour, I was bored so I politely excused myself and left. "Hey, you didn't tell me your name..." He called out.
"I don't really matter" I said to myself as I walked into my yard.

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