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  • Captain America
    Too frail to enlist in the U.S. Military during World War II, Steve Rogers volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum. Enhanced to the pinnacle of human physical potential he became Captain America. Fighting the Axis powers, Steve became an American icon. Accidentally put into suspended animation near the war's end, Steve was awakened decades later and became the leader of the Avengers. Captain America is a living legend and the embodiment of freedom.
  • Reel Style The Perks of Being a Wallflower Lucky Magazine
    We're positive you'll love Emma Watson's style in the movie as much as we do.
  • Emilie de Ravin
    View photos of Emilie de Ravin from "Once Upon a Time" (2011) and "Once Upon a Time: Dreamy (#1.14)" (2012), pictured as Belle, on IMDb!
  • Magical
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