NOTE: Story coming later + Yes, I did change my model. Skye Stracke isn't attractive anymore to me!

Jan .16th - A huge group of girls and guys will be at Royal Centre Mall. Come with an empty stomach because this day will be full of shopping, gossiping and eating! After this, we will all head to the movie theaters and catch a new film.

Dahlia, Electra, Lyndsey, Olivia and I ditched the rest of the group (The APs, the Norms) and went through out our day with just the guys. Dahlia, Ellie and Lyn of course were guy-less and so was I. I mean not that I was /exactly/ guy-less he just wasn't here. Out of all of us, Olivia was stuck like glue with Eric. Lyn and I separated from the group leaving Dahlia inevitably stuck with the mushy couple. Poor her.

"Where are we headed first?" Lyndsey asked excitedly as she adjusted the straps on her camisole that she wore underneath her Betsey Johnson blazer.

"Obviously Marc." I pointed ahead of us to the new Marc Jacobs boutique that had recently opened at R.C.M. 

Lyndsey nodded. "That's what I was thinking!" 

We shopped for hours and went over our time limit. We didn't have enough hands on our bodies to carry all the bags of clothing we had. I had gotten a few more Balenciagas, you can never have too many, right? Lyndsey had bought almost everything on site. It all looked good on her too, since her body fit /everything/ perfectly. Maybe there were a few perks to plastic surgery?

Lyn and I were late for the noon meet up with the group so decided to skip lunch altogether. I tried giving some Luxe Lean Bars but it seemed like Dahlia had told everyone there was poison in them and nobody took one. They weren't /that/ bad. Okay, who am I kidding? They tasted like c.rap. 

"I'm starving!" Everleigh came up to us with Isadora, Violet, Leia , Eugena and Callie. We had tried avoiding the APs but they seemed to be everywhere. Of all of them, Everleigh was the newest and nicest. 

"Same here," Ellie said just as her stomach growled. Eve and Ellie: both seemed like eaters. Nothing bad, of course. Just another opportunity to offer a Luxe Lean bar. 

Before Eve could accept, Dahlia stopped her. "Stop it right now Arizona! If you, Eve, "Dahlia looked straight at Eve "eat these bars, you'll die. They're pure c.rap."

"I bet they are, but I'm really hungry!" Eve grabbed a bar from my hand and devoured it in minutes. Maybe these were good for people who /loved/ food and were /really/ hungry. Ellie, Olivia and Lyndsey all took a bar as well. The ripple effect was going fast and soon enough, everyone had a Luxe Lean Bar in their hands.

Except for Dahlia.

"I'm not letting you poison me." Dahlia Belle cracked, jokingly.

We all headed to the movies to watch the movie that /everyone/ was raving about. The day seemed to going smooth. I'd have to be careful though. Violet, Isadora, Leia and Eugena and even Sophina (she had the nerve to come, huh?) all were around us. Which meant, them being the gossip queens, would try to make a juicy story about this or something.

Oh, c'mon. It's just the movies. Can't we just keep the drama in the film? 

Apparently, no.

Type "luxe" if you read.
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