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☀Mood- Fake-happy
♜Scent- Lola by Marc Jacobs
♧Hair- In a half-up half-down
☁Nails- China Glaze - For Audrey
♬Music- The boring classical music that my maid is always playing.
☝Where- At home, kitchen
✈Twitter Update- Kissing up to mom!
☆Outfit- its in the set.♥

"And, sweetie, before I forget," My mom interjected on the phone, "Remember to advertise the bars."

I looked down at my cell phone. Was the battery /seriously/ almost over? "Mom, my battery is dying. What bars are you talking about? I'm not allowed to go to them I thought."

"Stop joking around Arizona." My mother ordered sternly. "I have six interviews to do today and the DVD releases tomorrow so we have lots of premieres to go to."

"A fitness DVD premiere? Mom, you've got to be kidding me." I said, sitting on the kitchen counter that the maid had just wiped. She walked by with a tub of laundry in her hands and winked as she made it past the kitchen.

"Yes, Arizona. Tracy Anderson even wants to make a deal with us. Now, to my points, sweetie," She said with a muffled voice, "Eat those Luxe Lean Bars. All the time. Give them out to friends at school and at your monthly parties."

I sighed as I took a Luxe Lean Chocolate Berry Bar out of the cupboard. "Mom," I began as I ripped off the wrapper with my teeth, "I hate publicizing for you. But, since these babies taste like heaven, I guess I'll snack on some at lunch."

"Lunch?" Mom said said in a disgusted tone. "That's all? You aren't going to put up a stand somewhere or have posters?"

"No, Mom. All I need to do is take one bite of the Luxe bar at school and I swear all the girls will come asking me for one. Trust me. I know how my school works. Like Hollywood."

"Speaking of Hollywood, we're heading east to it right now, honey. I'm gonna have to go. Remember what I said about the bar, okay?" 

"'Kay, Mom." I said, taking another reluctant bite of the horrible-tasting chocolate bar. It tasted like cardboard fiber.

"Love you, bye." She hung up.

Before I could speak, the line went dead and I thought to my self, /I hope people in Hollywood don't mind the taste of dry cardboard./ Hopping off the counter, I went to go charge my battery.

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