january | 2nd | 2011

*Moving back into Belle Suite.*

"Ugh, hauling this stuff shouldn't be done by me. Why can't the butler do it?!" I complained as I carried my Louis Vouitton luggages up to my master bedroom that I shared with Dahlia Belle. 

The Belle Suite maid looked at me with a stern look. Oh, how I missed Mari. Mari the maid that was at my house; where she was so sweet. I demand having Mari come to Belle Suite. Right now our maid is Rowan and she is getting on my last nerve.
"Arizona, ma'am, we don't have butlers and at the looks of my stature, I cannot help you with the luggage."

"Then maybe you shouldn't work here? I still have 4 more Louis' in the Mercedes." I yelled rudely as I dragged the heavy suitcases into my room. 

Rowan got quiet and went into Olivia and Dianna's room. 

I moaned and groaned and just finally aimed for my bed and landed in a glorious mess. My precious locks were de-curled and now I'd have to ask Shauna, the hairstylist (she does everyone at Belle Suites' hair and makeup) to touch up on my hair. Life is so stressful sometimes. Right when I began to think life was about to get better, things took a turn for the worse.
Rowan walked into my room. "Arizona, I must ask you. How do you stay so strong? You're as thin as a stick....yet you lifted those suitcases to your room magnificently."

"You can stop kissing up to me now. I know about you and Jester." I mumbled through the pillow, rolling my eyes in my mind.


"Yeah, the guy you're with. We both know Vancouver Day doesn't allow maids to bring the opposite gender into the suites. I know about Jester. Now, leave."

"Forget Jester for just a minute, Arizona. How do you stay so fit?" She pleaded, pointing to her flabby thighs and muffin top.

I wasn't going to say anything but then I remembered what mom told me. "Um..I...I eat Luxe Lean Bars. And drink Luxe Liquidize Nutritious Acai shakes."

Rowan paused. Then, with a wink, she left. She was probably going to search the kitchen for them or something.

Moments later, my iPhone vibrated. Dahlia!
"Hey, Dee."

"Hello to you too, Ari."

"I need help."

Dee laughed. "I'm the one who called."

I blushed. "Oh, right."

"How are things going with the party?"

"Party? What party? Oh my lanta, I completely forgot about the party! It's this weekend right? Oh my.." I started hyperventilating and I reached for my Evian mist.

Dahlia cackled another one of her signature laughs. "Calm down, Ari. You act as if you've never heard of a mall. We can find a great outfit for you. I'm trying to be nice to my cousin Sophina, so she'll come along. With Josh Backe. We'll make a trip; tomorrow. Sound good?"

"Yeah, thanks. I have nothing to wear." I said with desperation as I stared at my piles of clothes on the ground. "I wish we could ask Violet to help."

"Ew, an AP?"

"Nevermind. When are you coming to Belle Suite?"

"After lunch."

"Kay, see you then."
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