Arizona Luxe, 17
-At Dahlia's B2S Party-

I scanned the the room as I held onto my Mulberry bag and took a sip of ice cold water. I was staying away from anything intoxicating because I'm the face of my parents' company- Luxe Lean Enterprises. I have to look fit, healthy and happy all the time. Oh, it can be hard sometimes. I looked at the room again, mentally rating everyone's outfit. Gold, gold, more gold and sequins. Everyone was dressed so 2010. Don't they know 2011 is all about fresh bold colors? When will they ever learn?

I seemed to have said that out loud because Ellie said to me, "They never will learn."


"You look great Ari. So jealous." Ellie nervously admired my outfit as she took a cupcake from the snack table and slowly bit in.

I looked at the cupcake; then her. /I/ could never eat a cupcake since my parents want me to be cookie-cutter-clean with zero calories all the time. But, this was for Ellie, my dear anorexic friend. I had to do it. I grabbed the last cupcake on the plate and trying eating the whole thing at once. "C'mon, Ellie. Just eat it. It's not like you can't go exercise tomorrow."

"But it's just so much easier to purge," Ellie admitted. "I mean, excerising takes effort."

I raised an eyebrow. "Look at me. It takes zero effort."

"You're perfect anyway." Ellie muttered as she ate the cupcake like there was no tomorrow. The group of guys walked over to the snack table and grabbed fresh new cupcakes off the table and copied us. It seemed like /every/one was at the snack bar and they were all eating. Oh, news travels fast.

Suddenly I was surrounded with tons of normals. Sophie had brought her new acquaintance Isadora over. I made a goal to be nicer this year, so I informed the Pretties and we all put on our fake smiles. Lyndsey still wasn't here yet and it was bothering me. Dee had suddenly left to go outside and settle some things with Olivia. 

I told Ellie to text Lyndsey and this is what Lyndsey wrote: I can't come. Sorry. Business to take care of xo Lyn.

Lame excuse, I thought. What could she doing? Oh, she probably looked amazing in her dress, she had the second best body in all of Vancouver Day. Even though it wasn't a /real/ body, it was something. Ellie withered away to Dahlia and Olivia. I wasn't alone there, at the snack table. I used this moment in the spotlight to shamelessly advertise Luxe Lean Bars. I took one out of my neon cobalt blue bag and took a bite of one quickly. 
Immediately, everyone asked where they could could get some so I had Luther (a waiter) escort the mob outside where there were free Luxe Lean Bars.

Finally, I could be alone. Of all the guys who had left, only one stayed. Jared. The /one/ who was a musician. He went to Cardinal. 

"I'm playing in a few hours." Jared said to me with his perfect mouth. He smiled a mega-watt smile and offered me a hand. "I need someone to dance with, so..."

"Well," I smirked, holding his hand barely, "You are the only performer anyways. You /have/ to play tonight. But, for now, I sort of need someone to dance with too."

We both held hands and he led me to the dance room where there were people going wild and crazy. We talked a bit and after wards, it was full on flirting.
"Hm, I wonder who'd want to dance with me. Little old me." I fake-frowned with a sad puppy-dog face.

"I wonder," He said as we danced and the music suddenly got slower. 

Jared and I weren't an item...yet. But one measly little dance wasn't going to prove it either. I enjoyed the night anyway and danced all night. Only if I had the guts to sing at this party. I obviously had the best vocals at Vancouver Day and Jared's vocals mixed with mine would be pure heaven...

A great way to start off the year. Hopefully nobody will ruin it.

Immediately after the party, Jared came rushing over to the Belle Suite. He wasn't allowed in (the maids) so I met up with him outside by the water fountain.

"What do you mean your leaving?" I asked, with concern.

"I'm not leaving, Arizona. /Touring/." He reassured, as if it made me feel better. "I'll be in Barcelona and Madrid and then London and Tokyo. I just got signed to a record label and I'm opening for a ton of concerts. I'm booked."

I couldn't even look at his eyes so I looked at the ground as I said, "You're putting your career first? Over me?" My voice started to get weak and crackly.

He put his arm on my shoulder. "No, yes...well. I'll be back. At the end of the summer. But you know, long distance stuff works, right?"

"No, it doesn't. You'll be surrounded with fans, celebrities, /girls/."

"You don't trust me?"

"I don't even /know/ you yet. The new school year just started. And you're already leaving? Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"I already told you, Arizona, I'll call you twice a week maybe more. I promise. I'll be back. And maybe then you can tour /with/ me." He said that and with a peck of the cheek, he disappeared out of sight.

After that, I knew it was over. Long-distance doesn't work, right? Oh, I needed Dahlia or someone's advice so bad. What do you think I should do? I barely know the guy...


Type "tour" if you read it all.
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Wrote 6 years ago
Great outfit!

Wrote 6 years ago
tour- convince him that you are better than a tour that your guys' vocals are lethal - Dahlia

Wrote 6 years ago
amazing color combo!!

Wrote 6 years ago
Thanks for advice, Liv.. but I still don't know!



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