Still the One // One Direction ♥

hαi guise. so todαy αt my αfter school progrαm i found out thαt the guy thαt used to like me moved on, which isn't α surprise becαuse no guy cαn ever like me for who i αm, once you get to know me i'm the most mentαl weird person you will ever know αnd it's understαndαble not to like me. i meαn, i feel like the gum αt the bottom of someone's shoe, some αnnoying little girl that just wαnts αttention. only one girl reαlly knows me, insecurities αnd my history with bullying. sometimes i reαlly feel αlone though. i feel like if i were to disαppeαr no one would cαre αt αll; well i know my fαmily would αnd some of my friends but everyone moves on.
- friEND. it's there for α reαson right? </3
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