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layer 1
name: Michaela
birth date: Sep, 26
current location: my home 
hair color: Dark Brown 
eye color: Green/Blue/Grey
righty/lefty: Both
your outfit right now: pyjamas 
listening to: Ma cherie-Pitbull
your first thought when you woke up this morning: Oh God, My haed
your best physical feature:My face and my body :D 
your bed time: Midnight 
your most missed memory: ... 
what has made you smile today: nothing

layer 4: your pick. 
pepsi or coke: dont drink these. if I have to: COKE
mcdonald’s or burger king: I´m vegetarian, sweethearts 
single or group dates: :p
adidas or nike: Nike
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
cappuccino or coffee: coffee
layer 5: do you.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend: :p 
take showers: stupid question - Yes
have a crush: :p
like school: DOnt know
believe in yourself: Yes
believe what goes around comes around: Secret :p
believe everything happens for a reason: Yop
health freak: :p
layer 6: in the past month.
gone to the mall: yes
been on stage: No
been to the dentist: yes
been to the doctors: yes
been ill: yes-right now
had a detention:No
gone to the cinema: no
driven a car: no
had an injection: No
eaten sushi: No
been hurt: No
dyed your hair:no
had sex: :p 
been drunk: guys come on!! Secret!!
slept in someone else’s house: no
spent over $300 in one day: no
had a fight: No

layer 7: have you ever.
played a stripping game: No
kissed the same sex: Got a secret
questioned your sexuality: No
had sex: Secret
gotten so drunk, you’ve passed out: Secret 
run away from home: No
gotten beaten up: No
changed who you were to fit in: No
layer 8: getting old.
age you’re hoping to be married by: never...
layer 9: in a girl.
best eye color: green/grey or blue
hair color: dark
short or long hair: short or long
fat or fit: Fit
tall or short: tall!
looks or personality: I know, I´m bad, but> Looks
fun or serious: fun 
layer 10: what were you doing.
1 minute ago: reading
1 hour ago: eating 
1 week ago: had an exam 
1 year ago: secret
layer 11: finish the sentence.
i feel:with you
i hate:someone who dont know it.
i need: be who am I
i love: my secrets
so now i tag: @holly-elizabeth, @dimitri-belikovs-girl, @are-you-with-me, @rose-weasley-heart, @beachchickxoxo and @jennii1992
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