Waiting for the End // Linkin Park
Nadia Wang.
November 1-7th: So, everyone has heard Nadia's announcement, right? Now the Head B*tches are closly observing the dolls. And as for the little Doll Faces? It's time to bring on your A-game and show us all who you're made of.
Let's jump into a sea of diamonds.

I sat back on my creamy couch, flipping through the latest edition of a Shanghai gossip magazine. There were mostly pictures of me, a few of the HB's and little to none about the Dolls. At least these magazines got the social statuses right. 

Swiftly picking up my straight martini, I sipped it examining an article about the latest news on Acacia. 

My home phone let out a series of rings, as I yawned and pressed the speaker button. I was too tired to pick it up anyway.

"It's me." Said a gruff voice suddenly. I nearly choked on my martini, as I sat straight up in fear and surprise.

I didn't answer, but stared at the machine like it was death itself. 

"You little bitchh!" He yelled into the phone, making me wince. He was the only person who could make me cower in fear.

"Hi daddy" I whimpered, my teeth chattering. 

"Have you seen the latest bill! 12 million dollars on your behalf! What the fuuck is wrong with you Nadia Jaio Wang!" I shut my eyes. He only called me Jaio, my middle name, when he was furious. It meant delicate, and tender. Two things I was most definitely not.

"I'm so sorry da-" I started to say, but he cut me off.

"Sorry won't do it! Your a useless girl anyway!" He shouted, and hung up the phone as tears ran down my cheeks. I pulled my knees to my body, as I cried.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of blond hair. I swung my head around to see my door close swiftly.

Oh shitt. Now the entire Shanghai will learn about my horrible talk with my father. 

Life's a biitch when your on top.

xo, Nadia.
No one knows about this yet! The mysterious blond girl will reveal herself soon ;D
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