~ Walcott, Vampire Weekend

I love Vampire Weekend's songs so much. Many of them remind me of places I know... they describe my memories wonderfully. This song explains my current dilemma; I want to get out of this town I live in. Out of this broken house. People say you can't just abandon something for a new life, but they don't know that they're the problem. They always think they're right, and they're the ones who hold you down. They don't know how to dream, because their dreams were broken years ago. Get me out of this place. Ramblings of a moody and erratic teenager.

On the other hand, I'm going to the Museum of Fine Arts with my friends tomorrow. We're also going to hang around Copley/Newbury/Prudential after I get out of work. I guess Boston is the nearest and most convient escape for me, although I'd rather get lost in New York City.

My friend showed me this website called GMarket. It's Korean but they have an English version too. I loveee it. So many cheap items (a bag for $2, yet good quality? wow.) He buys lots of his stuff there. 

Also, I'm getting a bonus for my job this month. Yay. I'm going to save 50% of it for research positions, 25% on fashion items, and the other 25% on hanging out with friends.

Haha. Anyways, I was tagged by the lovely @deercat , so I might as well do this quiz right now before my goldfish-sized memory forgets...

1. What's your name? Emilie.
2. Are you in a relationship? No.
3. What is your favorite color? Bold and bright cherry red and misty greys/blues/purples. 
4. What is your biggest insecurity? So many things I can't even list them.
5. Are you afraid of the dark? Oh haha no! I enjoy locking myself up in my room with the light off and just reading under a flashlight or having my monitor as the only source of light, because the dark comforts me. I don't know why. Haha, I sound so dark.
6. Where do you want to travel to before you die? I have so many places I want to visit! Here's my list of places to do before I die;
- Walk on Abbey Road
- Dine near the river Thames
- Sleep on a roof in the jazz district in Paris
- Visit the Louvre
- Visit Venice, Rome, Milan
- Swim in the Peloponessian Sea
- Dance in a ballroom in Vienna
- Go on an anime spree in Akhibara, Tokyo
- Dress up as a harajuku girl in Harajuku, Tokyo and get lots of photos taken by tourists
- Find love under the cherry blossoms in Tokyo
- Go shopping in Shibuya 109
- Travel Mount Fuji and all the miyaki temples
- Participate in the tea ceremony in Japan
- shop in Seoul
- take a motorcycle ride at night around the streets of Hong Kong
- have traditional Chinese tea in Beijing
So yeah that's pretty much it ^__^
7. Do you have any siblings? A little brother and sister.
8. What are your hobbies? Drawing, painting, fashion, reading, writing (horribly), studying science, doing math, philosophy, playing the piano and flute, attending concerts, traveling (oh so many broken parallelisms here, aha.)
9. What is your favorite food? I have so many! Crepes, salmon roe {yes, i have a strange addiction}, coffee, french fries, chocolates, sour patch kids, gelato, strawberries, kimchi, sushi, and sashimi!
10. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? COFFEE IS LIKE THE BLOOD THAT RUNS THROUGH MY VEINS. 
11. Do you believe in ghosts? No and yes.
12. Do you own any pets? Two turtles.
13. What is your profession or plan to be successful? Molecular Biologist. I'd do research for a multi-million dollar company or become a tenured professor at an Ivy. First I'd have to get lots of experience... right now I'm training with a mentor in Boston. I also want to attend a really good undergrad program, get my masters, then my PhD, and do some postdoc research. MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton are my dream schools, but I also have more realistic options in mind as well.
14. Name something you're skilled at? Test taking. I've taken many national exams. I study last minute {last minute being a day before the exam.} I usually score around the 99th percentile. My mom says it's because I'm good at guessing. Meh.
15. Do you believe in 2nd chances? Well, let's be reasonable first.
16. What do you usually do on your days off of school/work/errands? tumblr, polyvore, writing my manuscripts, practicing my mathematics, reading science books, researching on different philosophy concepts, watching anime.
17. Favorite store? I frequent local boutiques often and mostly shop online, but for mainstream fashion I like Nordstrom, H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel (even though it's hellofexpensive, sometimes you can get pretty good deals online! and I love their color palettes...), and Zara.
18. What is your weakness? I’m sort of a type A personality, so I always have to be right. I get so frustrated when someone proves me wrong even though I know I am wrong. I have gotten into countless arguments where I always have to argue to death just to prove my point. I just can't accept losing, ever.
19. What do you like to do when you hang out with friends? Hang out, chill, order ice cream, talk about things, and act immature. 
20. What is your prized possession? My extensive bookshelf {it's probably like Alaska Young's.} Or my pearl necklace passed down from my grandmother. 
21. What is your pet peeve? When people yell on their phones.
22. Do you get mad easily? I used to but not so much anymore.
23. Do you have a best friend or more than one? I don't believe in best friends.
24. What is your favorite HEALTHY snack? Oh god, I'm not much of a health nut, but I do love me some froyo (if that counts, heh.)
25. Do you believe in bad luck? Yes
26. Do you really think the world will end in 2012, like the media claims? No, that's silly. Scientists predict that the world will end billions of years from now.
27. Do you go to bed early or late? Late. 
28. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise, it's lovely even though I hate mornings.
29. Favorite website? poly, tumblr, facebook {yesss, i have a facebook. no, i am not giving you my link.}
30. Favorite season? All of them! They're all beautiful.
31. Favorite item of clothing? Haha I don't know.
32. Are you more of a humourous & hyper type of person? or quiet & calm? Both, just depends on the people I'm around/my mood.
33. What kind of movies do you like to watch? PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS FTW.
34. Name something you are completely against: Mitt Romney
35. Is there anything you would change about yourself? My vision, my shyness, my height, my hair, my face shape...
36. Do you watch tv? If so what is your favorite show/network? Not much TV tbh. I used to have an Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl obsessed moment, but other than that I barely watch TV. Although I do love me some animu
37. Favorite ice cream flavor? Green tea is bauss. 

Now I tag anyone who wishes to be tagged :)
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