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"Liam, this restaurant is amazing! How did you find such a great place?" I asked my husband of one year, Liam Payne. "Well, it was really hard hiding it from you. But somehow I managed," he chuckled, grabbing his drink to take a sip from it. I rolled my eyes. He was always trying to surprise me, but there were few times when he actually DID. Even when he was going to propose, I wasn't surprised. I could tell by his actions. The only time he actually surprised me was our first Christmas together, when he was suppose to be in London, and I was at home with my family on Christmas Eve. Other than that, no surprises. But I have a couple of those up my sleeves for him. Our food came, and we devoured it hungrily. During dinner, we talked about everything- the boys, our year together, everything. When we were done, we ordered dessert. I ordered a brownie with whip cream and strawberries on the top, and Liam ordered a piece of orange cake. It came to us pretty fast, and we scarfed down our desserts. We then paid the bill, and since it was so nice outside, we decided to go for a walk in the park around the corner. We walked up to the bridges and stopped, staring at the water. "I love these moments," Liam said, grabbing my waist, pulling me closer, and giving me a soft kiss on my cheek. I smiled. "And speaking of those moments," I said. Liam raised one eyebrow. "We're going to have our first child." He took a step back, then grinned. "That's amazing!" He picked me up and twirled me. I giggled when he put me down, but stumbled because I was dizzy. I tripped, and fell into the brick bridge, hitting my head. Liam tried to grab for me, as I tumbled back into the water. "Laynee!" Liam shouted, reaching out to me. I hit the water, and that was the last thing I remembered before blacking out.

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