Don't tell me to "get over it"
Don't tell me to "forgive"
Don't tell me "it's time to move on"
Don't tell me "the past is the past"
Don't pretend to be nice while judging me and looking down on me

My experiences are my own. My memories are my own. My pain is my own. You cannot know what hell I have gone through. You cannot know all that is my mind and in my heart. My journey towards healing, is my own battle. Either be my friend, and stay beside me to help me through it or walk away without another word. Either accept me as I am or take your condemning words and your judgemental attitude somewhere else, and leave me alone.

I will always love you, old friend. I will always be glad for the happy times we shared and part of my heart will always hold you. But love and friendship turned into something dark and painful. And that has hurt me a lot.I miss you. This is me walking away.
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