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Name: Lee James
Age: 22
Bio: Lee was made for this world, the post apocolyptic kind. He's a smooth talker and knows how to work people to give him what he wants. He's been in and out of foster care since he was thirteen and his mom gave him up, he was always too much for her to handle and after his third arrest, she was done. He's a fighter, and his motto's "If Im gonna' die, someone's coming with me". He knows how to use a gun and hot wire cars; just some of the valuble skills he learned running the streets as a teen. He'll caluculate a situation before making his descison and doesn't have much of a snap temper...but when you get him mad he loses it. He doesn't really care for Shane or Rick, just considering their professions, but swollows that dislike. 
Weapons: He has a variety of guns and kinves(Seeing on how when the world began to go to shit, he immediatley looted a gun shop) But his shot gun and his machete are his favorite
Strongest Attribute: He's not scared of the walkers. He figures it was a dog eat dog world before the world ended, and now it's just more litteral. He kills them with ease and can make snap desicions.
Weakest Attribute: He pushes people away. 
Actor: Grey Damon
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