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Sasha Valentine ☼ BUSINESS BEAUTY ☼ (22)
March 9th - Pisces
Current Location; New Haven, Connecticut
Sasha always was the micromanager - she made endless lists and itineraries for what her friends would do, whether it be during the week, on the weekend, or throughout Catalina's long and infamous summers. She wanted to plan it all. Maybe that's why she left the island to get her undergrad degree in Business from Yale. Her parents were the perfect nurturers for Sasha - two teachers who met working the first and third grades of Avalon Elementary School - and worked hard to create a daughter with an ambitious drive and sweet side. She was Ava's right hand girl in high school, basically her personal assistant of sorts, and VPed every single club Ava chaired. Maybe that's why Ava's death has seemingly held the greatest effect on Sasha, who is currently debating whether or not going back to New Haven for Business School is really what she wants.
(Blake Lively)

▪ What have you been doing since high school?
Well, I guess you could say I've moved on to bigger and better things than The Sacred Six. I'm currently at Yale, like I always dreamed I would be, and shooting for my MBA as of late. I'd love to start my own business one day, so this to me is the most necessary step of the plan; my career plan, that is, that my parents and I have had for as long as I can remember. Get good grades, go to Yale, get an MBA, start a business, become a millionaire- a billionaire- maybe even a zillionaire, but of course I'm not going to be c*cky or anything, that's not really in my personality. I have to admit, it's pretty hard, business school, having so much pressure to follow this "plan" of mine. But then again, looking at what a tragedy Ava and her family have suffered, I realize how lucky I am.

▪ How do you feel about returning to Catalina Island?
I think the feeling is altogether bittersweet. There's something so nostalgic and satisfying about returning to the place where you grew up. But on the other hand, the only reason I'm returning is because of Ava's passing. Life's just too short, I guess. I remember so much about us, all of us, when we were in high school. Things seemed so different then, so easy. I'm pretty scared, to be honest. The thing I'm most afraid of is that I won't want to go back to New Haven after all of this has subsided, once and for all. I know that being back here will just make it more permanent, Ava's death, like it's really happening, even though it already seems pretty inescapable. 

▪ How do you feel about Ava's death?
Devastated, to say the least. She was my best friend, I could trust her with anything. Now she's gone. I just know deep inside things will be different now, a lot different. I mean, she was the reason I used to plan everything in the first place anyway. The clubs, the lunch dates, everything was about /our/ schedule. Her death- it's the one thing that, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't prepare for, and I feel so lost without Ava. 

▪ Any idea how it happened?
Any idea? I mean, to be honest, no. Who on earth would want to kill Ava? She was beautiful, smart, kind- she'd never hurt a fly. She just wanted to follow her dreams, live out her life, you know. I don't understand who would do this to her.

▪ Why do you think you should get the part?
Well, first of all, I love this character. The minute I read Sasha's bio I just knew she was the one I wanted to audition for, and I just have so many plans for her. I really feel passionate about her story and I hope to be able to expand it if I get the part. I think I sort of have Sasha 'down' so to speak as a character and I definitely want to create a persona for her. She's definitely one of my favorite characters I've ever played and if I do get the part, I'll make sets for her all the time. She's someone I could see myself writing for for a long time.

▪ How active will you be?
I'll be as active as I can because school is quite demanding but I think I can definitely do 1-2 sets a week. 

▪ How inspired are you for this role?
VERY. I'm still trying to figure out what I'd like to do with Sasha storyline-wise, but I would love to play her because I've just got some really great ideas/plans.



"So Sasha, it says here you got straight A's all throughout your Junior year?" Asked Trisha, the headmistress at Yale University.

"Yeah, that's correct." I smile, looking directly at her, an assuring look in my eyes.

"Very impressive." She says, lowering her reading glasses, "So tell me, why do you want to be at Yale my dear?" 

Beginning to get nervous, I look out of the window behind Trisha onto the lush, green campus. 

"Where do I even start?" I shrug, laughing, trying to break the ice. Was I to just spill about how, oh, only everything in my entire life had been leading up to this, or how I'd spent it planning? 

I clear my throat and try to organize my thoughts. "Well, I've always wanted this." I begin, "I don't know, something in my blood has just always wanted to lead me here. I know that Yale will provide everything I need to get to business school, although I must also provide some of myself, my drive, my ambition," I go on like this for what feels like hours. I look down at my grandmother's gold watch and see it's only been five minutes.

I spy the look on her face, confused, but seemingly pleased. "Well, Sasha, I think we'd be very lucky to have you attend our fine institution. But of course the final response won't be until March." Trisha concludes, standing up to shake my hand. I thank her, smooth down my white, floral dress and blazer, and make my way out to the immaculate courtyard.

The sun was out, the grass was rustling in the soft wind, the sound of students chatting surrounded me. It felt like a little slice of heaven in New Haven, one that I so badly wanted to be apart of.


"Ten-thirty. Ten-thirty AM the post office promised it would arrive," I said at exactly ten thirty-one, pacing back and forth in my living room. 

I picked at my cuticles and waited, second by second, for the letter that would change my life.

"For God fricken sakes Sash, it's not like you're waiting to hear from Hogwarts or something." Brit, my roommate, yawned, as she flipped through the pages of the newest issue of Seventeen. 

"Yeah, you're right Brit, because it's from YALE!" I shriek, panicking.

I plop down on the couch next to her. "Do you know how important this is to me?" I ask, desperately trying to get her attention.

"Yes, because you've only told that to me five thousand million times." She retorts, continuing to flip the pages.

She didn't get it. This is all I'd been planning for, my whole life. Screwing it up would be like screwing up my entire existence. 

I tried biting one nail after the other to calm my anxiety, but I realized I'd already bitten them all down to the stubs.

After a few more minutes of waiting, I heard the buzzing of the doorbell. 

"It's here." I mumbled to myself as I ran across the room and down the stairs to the mail box.

In my frantic rush I had totally forgotten that I was only wearing a tank and some Victoria's Secret sweatpants. I put my arms over my chest and smile at the mailman. 

Grabbing the letter from him, I nod, and run back up the stairs to my apartment even more quickly than I did running down them. 

"So, what's the verdict, Valentine?" Asks Brittany, throwing her magazine on the floor.

"Nothing yet. Haven't opened it." I say, shutting the front door behind me as I walk in. 

Taking a deep yoga breath, I start to pick at the flap of the envelope. I whisper to myself, "Whatever happens, happens." and open the envelope piece by piece. 

Picking out the letter, I unfold it slowly, carefully, closing my eyes the whole way. Then finally, I open them.


I put my hand over my mouth, surely looking shocked enough for Brit to come over and see for herself.

"I got in!!" I cheer, jumping up and down. Brit gives me one of those bear hugs she's so good at, and almost immediately we drive out to our favorite little diner in town.

As Brittany pulls her old Nissan into the parking lot, I pull out my phone to text the rest of The Sacred Six. First, though, it had to be Ava. 

To: Ava 
From: Sasha

Hey girlie! Guess who got into Yale! :D Call me. Miss u <3 

I started to worry when she didn't text me back within minutes. Something was wrong. I just knew it. Ava always texted me back right away, in seconds, even.

"What's wrong?" Asks Brit.

"It's Ava, she hasn't texted me back."

"Look, I'm sure everything's fine," She assures, "She's probably away from her phone."

"She's /never/ away from her phone. I know her."

"God, Sasha. You just got into the school of your dreams and you're still panicking?!"

My cell phone began to vibrate and I looked at the caller ID. But it wasn't Ava. It was Mia.

"Sasha, Sash." She sounded stuffed up, as if she'd been crying.

"Yeah Mia?" 

"It's-it's Ava."

I didn't know what she was talking about. My breath suddenly vanished. "What?" I gasp.

"She's dead Sasha."

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