Hey Guys,
So it's FINALLY the week end *cue weekend dance* Thank god. Although I have quite a bit of homework, that I'm not going to do...
Tomorrow, hopefully if there's enough seats, I'm going to watch Twilight with one of my best mates :) Should be fun, we've been planning it for ages 
Right I'm off to go and text her,
But remember,

Available: Yes
Birthday: 11th of January 
Crush: only one...my best guy mate. Sorry not sorry.
Drink You Last Had: Orange juice :)
Easiest Person to talk to: Best guy mate...
Fav Song: I have so many though, at the moment it's probably You Me At Six - The Swarm
Gummy bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy bears
Hometown: London
In Love: Nope :/
Killed someone?: I don't think so......-_-
Longest Car Ride: 7 hours :/ Sigh, I actually quite enjoy car rides...Idk
Milkshake Flavor: Strawberry :)
Number of Siblings: One
One Wish: To be where I want to be in 3 years
Person you called last: My brother
Reason to smile: Danisnotonfire's new video is up tonight!
Song You Last Sang: Coldplay- Paradise
Time you woke up: 6:15 :/
Underwear Color: American Flag print :) 
What is the temperature outside?:Not sure, maybe about 2 or 3
What Radio Station do you listen to?: Radio One all the way
What was the last thing you bought: Starbucks hot chocolate :)
What was the last thing you watched on TV: I'm a celebrity :)
Who was the last person You took a picture of: my brother
Ever really Cried Your Heart out?: Yes, Not often but I have once or twice..
Ever cried on your friends shoulder: Yes
Ever Cried Yourself to Sleep: Yes, far too many times. Especially when it was my birthday last year. I cried myself to sleep weeks before my birthday, probably one of my lowest times
Ever cried over the opposite gender: Once.
Do songs make you cry?: They used too, when I was a bit younger but I haven't in a long time
Are You a Happy Person: I'd say so, I'm very positive on my whole outlook of my future but right now I'm as happy as I can be for a 13 year old girl 
What is Your Hair Color: Brown with natural highlights of blonde 

I was tagged by @daughter-of-the-doctor Thank you <3
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Night guys x
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