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1. Include a picture of your book. (yis)
2. Include 3 pictures of your main character. You may use an actor from a film adaptation, an actor or model who looks like the character, or a drawing. For books about multiple characters or series, you may choose up to three characters. (eh... I just went with Wanda for now. Boring I know)
3. Include a quote from your main character. (dude that was HARD to squeeze in there @_@)
4. Title your set : Title, GENRE / BL Round 2 (checkity check!)
Extra Points :
1. Include a picture of a candles or fire. (omfg I TRIED...but every time I put something in there, it just looked cheaply pasted in and not a fluid part of the set. So I opted out for sake of flow, sorry team :/)
2. Like your teams tag in the comments on this set (aaand done!)
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