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  • Wanderluster Rock Daisy Earrings
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    Wanderluster Rock Daisy Earrings
    The Rock Daisy Earrings are not for the wallflowers of the world. The custom molded geometric resin studs inspired by the salt flats of death valley are lightweight yet heavy-hitting. Wear the studs alone or add the hand-carved rosewood tusk backs for extra drama.
  • Wanderluster Diana Earrings
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    Wanderluster Diana Earrings
    Aren't these straight up something a goddess would wear? Well, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and childbirth. These Diana Earrings are made by Wanderluster, a New York-based accessory and design studio that knows its way around a well-made piece of jewelry, and what it takes to get there. These circular gold plated studs are partially wrapped with transparent crystals, and will take you to the moon and back.
  • Wanderluster Smoketree Earrings
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    Wanderluster Smoketree Earrings
    A Wanderluster bestseller, the Smoketree Earrings are true stunners, shining light every which way. Two custom-cut, multifaceted triangle crystals are connected by a rectangular crystal and 18k rose gold plating.
  • Wanderluster Parnassus Earring
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    Wanderluster Parnassus Earring
    Mount Parnassus is a towering mountain in central Greece, as well as the home of poetry, music and learning in Greek mythology. These long and lean 18-karat gold-plated Parnassus Earrings dangle from reverse-set smoky crystals, and evoke a storied quality all their own.
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