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i feel like i died, but i sort almost did, since my computer had to get fixed.

anyways i feel like i should fill everyone in on my life since last posting, just as an excuse i guess....lol (no one even reads these) 

so basically it was the ap weeks for the past two weeks and i had to take two exams so i had to like intensely study.

then a whole bunch of just free time came and i spent in on social things, like hanging out with friends and family.........weird..xD 

now i'll be busy over the memorial day break too 

i gotta get ready for my 1d concert (8th row, gah i'm so fuckingg excited) on memorial day in new jersey.

which i heard is in a /really/ sketchy area...i'm from new york, i've probably been to worse places just walking around in some weird area in the city...at least i hope. 

so i'm making shirts with my friend, for it though. 

but i'll be off thursday&friday...but i might be doing some creepy 1d stalking...............MAURA, PLEASE BE IN NYC <3 (ik...i want to meet niall's mum, but it's most likely since she has a sister and nieces here. idec, she's so adorable, and then she needs to set nialler up with my friend.)

then saturday i'm going to a baseball game (not like major league, just like some lame team that i always go see, but i'm a big baseball girl so it's always fun for me.) 

yet again, i might be stalking 1d that day too....heh.

anyways, i might not be on frequently. that's the main point of the set.

xx. emily

PS this is also a tag. so the wonderful @emmyinwonderland tagged me 

What to do:
1. Pick a song,
2. make a line from that song be the title of your set,
3. In my set, pick one item and use it in yours, (i used the cardigan)
4. tag 10 people and tell them to do the same,
5. Ask a random question

Question for me: Narwhals or Unicorns
unicorns obvi.

narwhals are for hipsters.
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