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Mia and Nate going on their first date :)

I was doing my make up in the bathroom; me and Nate have been talking a lot lately. And have finally decided to go on a date, to be completely honest I was excited about this. Thinking that it may lead somewhere.

I finished applying another layer of lip gloss and brushed through my hair. When my phone buzzed distracting me from the mirror. 

It was Nate ‘I’m pulling up now, xo’ I read the text. Excitement rising to my stomach, as I get a surge of butterflies.

I half run half trot downstairs, Brad is watching ESPN on our huge plasma TV. Our parents haven’t gotten back from their trip yet and the house was in a definite state.

“I’m leaving, can you at least clean up around here?” I say giving the disapproving look our mother gives us all the time, practicing on Brad and Tyler I have nearly nailed it.

“Are you meeting Nate?” He asks wiggling his eyebrows at me and wolf whistles. 

“Yeah I am, he’s taking me out for a surprise” I say unable to contain my excitement for any longer. Brad just makes a face at how girly I’m acting and his full attention is back to the TV. 

“See you later!” I say walking towards the door and chucking my keys in.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Brad shouts as I’m about to shut the door, making me laugh as there is pretty much nothing Brad wouldn’t do. The thought making me shudder.

As I close the door behind me I see Nate leaning against his convertible. Wearing the super hot raybans that just made me swoon. I notice him smiling at me; I carefully make my way down the patio steps just to be sure not to make a fool of myself.

“Hey, you look beautiful” He says giving me a chaste kiss on the cheek.

“You don’t look too bad yourself” I reply wanting the kiss to last longer, his breath smelling of peppermint made me feel light headed. 

He opens the passenger door for me and I take a seat, as he walks around to the other side of the car. He starts the car and we pull out of our drive way, the wind has already picked up and my hair has started to go wild.

“So are you going to tell me what the surprise is?” I ask feeling curious, I hated surprises.

He laughs and gives me a wink, “You’re going to have to wait and see, I’m not giving anything away” He says using an imaginary key to lock his lips, pretending to throw away the key. 

“So how was work today?” I ask trying to change the subject, seeing as I will get no information on where we were heading.

“Alright I guess… Spent most of the time drawing up plans and sketches for the building. Not very interesting… How about you?” He says stopping at the traffic lights. 

“I went into the office, had to help out with a photo shoot. They couldn’t find a pair of gold hoop earrings for the model.” I say realizing how ridiculous my job sounded. “Wow, I didn’t realize how lame that sounded” I say laughing at the stupidity of my job.

Nate laughs with me. “To be honest your day sounds much more eventful than mine” He says with a crooked smile across his face. 

I take in my surroundings, noticing us nearing the Eiffel Tower. “Seriously where are we going?” I was getting impatient now.

“Mia calm down, you will find out in a minute” He says as we stop at another traffic light, he leans over the seat and kisses me. I intensify the kiss, out tongues moulding into each other’s. As the car behind us starts to beep. Nate pulls away quickly and starts driving again, both of us panting trying to catch our breath. Well he did a good job at calming me down.

Nate pulls into a parking lot, close to the Eiffel Tower. He pulls out a picnic basket from the boot of his car and I instantly know what we’re doing.

My insides are doing a happy dance, he was being so thoughtful packing us lunch and planning the whole thing. 

I give him another kiss, catching him by surprise momentarily but he quickly responds to me. Cupping my face he deepens the kiss, pushing me against the side of the car. This was getting too intense for the passers-by. I hear someone clearing their throat behind me. It was a mother with two kids standing in front of us, I quickly stop my hands from moving my hands any further down Nate’s cute little as.s.

He pulls away too, not knowing what I was doing as his back was to the family. 

“There’s people looking.” I whisper against his chin starting to feel awkward. As we create some distance between us much to my disappointment the mother with children walks away tutting at us.

We both burst out laughing. “I just can’t keep my hands off of you” Nate says grabbing my hand and leading the way. I follow him as we approach the park next to Eiffel Tower. Nate pulls out the blanket from the basket and spreads it out onto the grass.

I quickly kick off my shoes and make myself comfortable on the blanket. “What made you think of this?” I ask feeling curious to why this place. 

“I was driving past here the other day and I thought of you” He says sitting down next to me, whilst pulling out two wine glasses and a bottle. He starts to pour in the wine and hands me the glass. 

We clink our glasses together “To new beginnings” I say.

“To new beginnings” he repeats after me and we drink the wine in comfortable silence, as I observe my surroundings. The park was full of couples and families, the weather was perfect and I was here with the perfect guy.

“What are you thinking about?” Nate asks pulling out some strawberries from the basket.

“Nothing, just how perfect this is” I say honestly taking another sip of my wine. 

He smiles at me with that dazzling smile that could make any girl weak at the knees. “I’m glad you like it. So tell me more about you.” He says offering me a strawberry which I take eagerly.

“Well you obviously know my family, pretty well.” I say smiling and chewing on the strawberry. “Actually I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago. We couldn’t make the long distance thing work, with me being here and him in New York” I say trying to think of anything else that was interesting about me. Maybe it was a bad idea bringing up the ex; I was watching Nate’s face for any sudden changes. He seemed pretty calm.

He smiles and nods “Well I guess it’s my turn now, I don’t really see my family that often anymore. Me and my dad aren’t on the best terms, that’s part of the reason why I left New York but then I got this job opportunity so it made even more sense.” He says looking a little sad, I would hate it if I didn’t get on with my family. We all were really close; I couldn’t imagine life without them. 

The wine was starting to make me feel a little light headed, I lay my head on his legs, my body spread across the blanket. Looking up at the blue sky and clouds which were making funny shapes. “What’s your favorite color?” I ask randomly.

Nate chuckles “Green, how about you?” He asks while stroking my hair gently.

I think about the question not really having an answer. “I guess blue…” I finally say the wine was making my reaction slow down. “Are you coming back to our place tonight?” I ask, sitting up to have some more wine.

“I forgot to tell you, I got an apartment about ten minutes away from you guys. But thanks for letting me stay” He says kissing my forehead lightly. 

“Oh…” I say disappointed, I was hoping he would at least stay for another few weeks. 

“You sound disappointed?” He says, making it sound more like a question. Looking straight into my eyes, there was nothing I couldn’t tell those blue eyes…

“A little… I thought you would be around for longer…” I say my eyes trailing down to his lips, I lick my own wanting to taste his. 

“Well I will always be around, that’s if you want me to.” He says noticing my obvious staring; he captures my bottom lip with his teeth and bites it gently, as a slight moan escapes my lips. Pour tongues battling once more as his hands start to move up and past my shirt. My fingers tangle into his hair, slightly pulling the ends as he moans into my mouth. 

I feel a little drop fall on my forehead, it has started to rain and people are scattering around. 

“We got to go” He says in between kisses, me not wanting to ever be apart from his lips. 

“No… Just one more…” I say stealing another kiss. Once we untangle ourselves from eachother I pick up the wine bottle and drink it straight. I thought I heard Nate snigger but decided to ignore it. He quickly packed up the basket and the food as the rain was starting to come down.

We ran to the car quickly, well in Nate’s case running on the other hand I was staggering across the pavement very unlady like. He pulled up the hood of the convertible and we slipped inside. 

“I had a great time” I say hiccupping in the middle, but not letting go of the bottle. 

Nate keeping his eyes on the road smiles at me and places one hand on my knee, sending electricity through my body. I was starting to feel more tipsy, as the alcohol was finally takings it effect on me.

It only felt like a few minutes but we were already pulling up to my house. “We’re here” Nate announces loudly. 

“Oh…. Do I have to go?” I say putting the bottle down and rubbing my face feeling suddenly tired. 

“Yes, if you don’t want your brother to beat me to death” He says jokingly.

“Can you at least walk me to the door?” I ask hopeful putting my shoes back on and staggering out of the car which felt like an impossible task because of the state I was in.

“Of course I will” He smiles and gets out the car quicker to help me out. We walk to the door, stopping by the stairs. 

“Thanks for letting me take you out…” He says grazing his lips against mine, teasing me. I was so not in the mood to be teased, I needed him now. 

“It was my pleasure…” I purr against his lips, two could play at this game. I bite his lip gently, but keeping my distance. As he was about to go in for the kiss I pull away. “See you later” I say running up the stairs of the patio.

“Mia Watkins you are a tease.” He says and smirks at me. “I will get you back for this” Nate announces as I stick my tongue out at him. I start to look for my key in the purse, before unlocking the door I watch him retreat to his car. 

I unlock the door and lean against it once I’m inside. He was just too perfect, I smile to myself feeling exhausted.
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